Walking for Wellness

Take a moderate walk every evening after your last meal. Walking at a moderate pace will enhance your digestion. It can help your metabolism to continue to burn calories into the evening and even help you sleep better.

Walking also moves your lymphatic system to keep waste moving out. For those who don’t know – your lymph is a type of circulatory system that moves your immune cells around your body so they can do their job and helps move waste out of your body. This includes waste trapped in fat cells. This system does not have its own pump – so it relies on muscular contractions.

Walking pumps your calf muscles which stimulates the entire lymphatic system. It also raises oxygen intake which helps to detox your lungs and moves your blood which helps keep your blood stream clear.

With all these benefits, walking can be a fun way to stay healthy, stay in shape and be a great stress reliever. Taking evening walks is a great way to get together with friends or spend quality time with your spouse or children. Good luck and keep the faith!

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