Web MD Reviews Natural Colon Cleanse... REALLY!?!

“Could toxins, too, be quickly entering the bloodstream from the colon?” This is one excerpt from webmd's article on whether a natural colon cleanse is safe. Unfortunately this statement shows how our mainstream medical community keeps the body disjointed as if one system or organ can work independently of another.In the above statement, you have to deduce that toxins in the colon stay separate from your bloodstream. Never mind the fact that blood must run throughout your colon, and every organ for that matter! You have millions of tiny capillaries that bring blood and carry out waste through your entire body. This is your life force. An area where there is no blood flow will eventually starve and die off. And by the way, how do you think the toxins got there in the first place? They were transported through your blood and lymph.

The article goes on to state that we don't really need to cleanse because; your liver neutralizes toxins, good bacteria in your colon detoxifies food waste, mucus in the colon stops toxins from re-entering your bloodstream, and it is normal for some people to have bowel movements only a few times a week while having more will not cause one to lose weight.

First of all yes, the good bacteria in your colon will detoxify waste – if it is in balance. Unfortunately years of poor eating habits, stress, junk foods, coffee, excess sugar, etc. cause an imbalance of too much bad and not enough good. It becomes a cycle that goes on for years if left unchecked. If this could stay in balance so easily then gastrointestinal complaints wouldn't be a major health issue in America, or world wide for that matter.

Mucus in the colon stops toxins from re-entering... again this is only in a perfect world. They forgot to mention this mucosal lining runs throughout your entire small and large intestine, not just the colon. Your body's natural response to toxins whether it is pesticides, virus or pharmaceuticals, is to create excess mucus to protect you from the toxin. If this reaction happened three times per month our bodies would easily break down and eliminate the excess mucus. However, it is more common to eat pesticides, chemicals and metals in your food and pharmaceuticals from cough medicine to daily blood pressure pills causing this reaction on a constant basis.

As for the bowel movements part, I won't gross you out with the details. But I will suggest the obvious... if your body could eliminate excess toxins and waste on it's own, there would be no obesity. You could eat anything you want since your body cleanses and detoxifies without help.

Anyway, that is my rant and ammunition for anyone coming into contact with a skeptic of true, holistic health. Good luck and stay healthy this Thanksgiving holiday.

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