Weight Loss Drugs

Finally, the miracle pill of weight loss drugs is here.. or is it?

Alli, the first FDA-sanctioned diet drug to be sold without a prescription, is already making huge sales - and profits. But look out for the embarrassing side effects.

It is predicted that 5 to 6 million Americans a year will buy this drug, despite many people complaining of the side-effects such as; "gas with oily spotting, loose stools." And they say colonics are bad for you?

These types of weight loss drugs work by causing your body to not break down and digest fats. Instead, your digestion is suppressed so that you pass 25% of the fats you eat straight through and out.

The problem is this: there is no distinction between good and bad fats. Side effects of this drug also include dry skin, fatigue and depression. All of these are signs of Essential Fatty Acid deficiency which are necessary for healthy skin, hair and brain function!

The Alli Website also states that you must make a decision to eat right so you can lose weight. If you make a decision to eat a healthy weight loss diet - it is highly possible that you will lose weight without using weight loss drugs.

Update: In 2009 the FDA began a safety review of orlistat weight loss drugs including Alli. Serious side-effects are being reported including liver damage and liver failure. If you take this and experience jaundice, fatigue, weakness, fever or brown urine, contact your doctor immediately.

Any good weight loss program should exclude harmful fats, like transfats, which is not hard to do if you stay out of fast food restaurants and keep away from junk foods.

A good weight loss and healthy eating program must include healthy fats. These types of fats are found in avocados, olive oil, flax oil, nuts, and fish among other things. These fats are necessary for brain function, help your mood elevated, lubricate your joints and give moisture to your skin and ward off internal inflammation, a big factor in heart disease among other health problems. At the same time, good fats help you eliminate the bad fats from your body.

I just had to get my two cents in here about yet another drug on the market while at the same time so-called "experts" claim that a detox diet or colon cleanse could be bad for your health.

Eating right is always good for you, taking herbs will not hurt you (as long as you aren't taking drugs), and a colonic will not strip your colon. Live healthy, be happy and don't fall for the scams designed by Big Pharma.

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