Cleansing Update

What You Should Know

Here's a little tidbit about cleansing that you should keep in mind before you decide to embark on any cleansing program.

Fox News once again decided to scare the public into misinformation by telling people that detoxing can be dangerous.

The truth is, anything can be dangerous when done in excess. In their article "'Cleansing' Diets May Be Worthless, Dangerous" (September 2006), it is stated that the woman profiled did the "Master Cleanse" which is basically a fast for 10 days. They go on to say that she was healthy but had horrible side effects from headache to nausea to looking like skin and bones from losing too much weight (in 10 days???).

For those "in-the-know" the side effects such as headache and nausea are merely cleansing effects, which did not have to be experienced at such an extreme. That’s exactly why I promote the fact that you should prepare your body before ANY fast. Also, if this woman lost so much weight in only 10 days that she looked like “skin and bones,” it sounds like she may have been too thin or unhealthy to fast in the first place. (Just my opinion.)

They also state that children, teenagers, the very sick and the elderly should not do this. I agree - there are many levels of cleansing and those that fall into the above categories shouldn't do the extreme fasting.

Lastly it goes on to say that "laxatives" used in cleansing are dangerous. I agree.

All of the misinformation about cleansing listed above is exactly why I created this website - to teach others the right way to cleanse. There are many levels of cleansing, many supplements used (some good, some bad), many foods and diets, and so on. It is best to learn about these so you have the knowledge to choose what's best for you.

Please spread the word so everyone understands cleansing. Perhaps together we can make using a cleansing program as normal as any other routines we fit into our lives.

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