When Good Food Attacks

Grapefruits are one of my favorite cleansing foods. I have great success using fresh grapefruit juice for a cleansing juice fast. It clears the system, clears junk in the kidneys that can cause stones, clears the urinary tract and helps me shed a few pounds.

Unfortunately its been getting a bad rap lately because of drugs. Here's what's happening... enzymes in the liver are used to break down grapefruit and its juice into useful and healthy components. These are the same enzymes that the body uses to break down drugs and/or pharmaceuticals so that they can be detoxified from the body. Drugs take a long time to detoxify out of the body, in some cases 6-12 months. If you take a drug every day, you are basically doubling the length of time it will take for your body to detoxify it every day that you take the drug. Add a good dose of grapefruit juice to this and it may become overloaded as the liver simply doesn't have enough enzymes to do everything.

The problem is that the pharmaceutical industry blames the grapefruit for being the culprit when in fact it is the drugs that are the burden. If the body is overloaded with drugs, many things that are healthy will affect it. In fact, if a body is not used to drinking fresh water, the simple act of drinking water can cause nausea. This doesn't mean that water is bad - but it does mean the person is so toxic that just drinking pure water starts a mild cleansing reaction.

Anyone who cleanses knows that there are cleansing reactions that are proportionate to the intensity of the cleanse and how toxic one is to begin with. An extreme example would be someone detoxing or coming off of heroin. This can cause physical illness among other things, but it doesn't mean that stopping heroin is bad. In fact allowing the body to cleanse itself of heroin will be far healthier than continuing to do so - but it probably doesn't feel like it at the time of detoxing.

The same goes for coffee... people who drink coffee on a daily basis then stop may find themselves with a mild headache and sleepiness. This doesn't mean that not drinking coffee is a bad thing, but there is an adjustment period as the body detoxes itself of the substance and habit of caffeine.

The point is that when you read about healthy foods being bad, or herbs being dangerous, put things into perspective. Be smart and realize that if you are taking drugs for any reason, everything will affect you differently from exercise to diet. Look at the options for true health where the body can heal itself and not have to rely on any drugs therefore eliminating any need for concern of side-effects or overloading the body.

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