Why Can't We Heal Naturally?

I hear statements quite often from people who tried alternative forms of healing that don't work. It goes something like this - we're all made differently so different things work for different people. This is the complicated view adapted from medical science. Instead, let's look at the similarities that we all have in common.

We all have bodies. In our bodies, we all have blood that transports oxygen and nutrients throughout, we all have livers to detox and metabolize fats, we all have intestines, mouths, noses, throats, etc. This is how we are made. Your liver is meant to do exactly what mine does. Your colon is made to do the same work as mine, and so on. So how can we apply this to healing?

Let's take a side-trip down memory lane, before I had my eyes open. See, even though I healed myself of hep C, and worked in the holistic health field, I was still a skeptic. I only believed in colon therapy because I saw what came out of me. I thought maybe my healing was connected to cleansing, but didn't really put much thought into it. So let's go back to the time when I was still a new practitioner with only about 3 years experience of working in the field.

When I first started working on my own as a nutritional counselor and colon therapist, clients would bring me info and tidbits of information they liked to share. Much would be about holistic health, healing and various people around the world with “miracle stories.”

I would read them to be polite. Plus, I always had a motto – if people present me with something to read, I must be meant to read it. So I did. But I couldn’t for the life of me understand why they were bringing this info to me! Many stories were about cancer, then there was lupus, AIDs and the list goes on.

Yes, I had Hep C in the past, but I was already healed. Also, in the holistic health business, you tread dangerous territory if you try to “heal” people or tell them how to heal. (That’s another story, another day.)

Anyway, since my business was only to teach people how to cleanse their bodies, I didn’t really know why they would bring stories of healing for me to read – until I received a video tape by Lorraine Day.

In case you never heard of her, she was a very prestigious doctor who got breast cancer. She did not treat it, for some reason. One day, very sick, she fell on the floor. Her husband said – that’s it! You’re going to the hospital! Her reply? No! They’ll kill me there!

She goes on to say that she couldn’t believe she blurted that out. But now she knew, deep down inside what she never really admitted. Yes, they would kill her there, with chemotherapy, radiation, and maybe worse drugs.

She went on to heal herself through… wait for it…. Cleansing! Yes, she used the exact same program that I used for Hepatitis C! Everything from the Herbal Fiberblend, to the green superfood to the extra nutrition found in juice!

Then I "got" it. People were bringing me these tapes, books, stories about healing because, essentially, the stories are the same.

See the problem with drugs/medicine is that you have to know exactly all the biological workings of the body down to every nutrient, micronutrient, enzyme, bacteria, and so on. It just so happens that the list is endless and every day doctors, researchers and scientists are finding new ones. Here’s an example:

Science Daily, a publication that touts the “latest research news” reported that University of Iowa study “shows how two enzymes generate and use reactive oxygen species (ROS) to destroy bacteria in normal airways.” This was reported just in December of 2006.

I remember reading in a hospital issued magazine about why food is better than vitamins… one doctor said that real food contains so many micro-nutrients (not trace minerals) that it would take at least another 25 years (from 1998) to be able to document most of them and then who knows how long after that to replicate them! In other words, nature cannot be replicated in a laboratory. Oh, BTW, that’s why they say take your vitamins with food, hoping the food will compensate.

How does all of this affect you and all of us? Let’s look back at Dr. Lorraine Day’s story. How did she heal? Not with drugs. She didn’t take research analysis of the herbs because, being a doctor, she knew that research could show anything at anytime, depending upon who is doing it. She took whole herbs, whole food supplements (green food) and raw juices. I did the same and healed from a completely different disease with a completely different area infected – her breast, my liver. So why did this work for both of us?

Here’s why – your body can heal itself (such as in mending a bone among other things) and work every day to digest food, fight bacteria and other pathogens, detox daily internal and external chemicals, exercise, think, work at your job and the list goes on. So, just as a car needs fuel, your body needs nutrition to keep functioning. But - It needs 10 times the amount of nutrition to heal than it does to live day-to-day. In addition, the body cannot heal itself if it must constantly use nutrition to fight the internal battle – builtup toxins.

This is where many health programs and research falls short. You can’t account for who has what stored in them. So you see many people taking supplements, changing their diet, and still don’t heal. Why?

Many supplements on the market are synthetic – a copy of the real version. You body cannot recognize these. Also, remember what was said earlier about all the researchers not even knowing all the micro-nutrients?

Add this to the fact that people are trying to heal without getting the waste out of their bodies. A great example is when I was cleansing and waste left me that didn’t smell human – it smelled like pure chemicals! I asked my doctor friend if waste from the liver could actually come out in, well, you know, pooh.

His reply was “of course it can.” He went on to tell me how there are bile ducts (tubes) that are connected from the liver to the small intestine which are supposed to dump. Then he went on to say that doctors believe that’s what the liver is there for, to detox chemicals among other things.

Here’s where common sense comes in… yes it is supposed to detox chemicals, but then shouldn’t it release them afterward? I mean, my garbage disposal chops up waste but it has to leave afterward or my kitchen would become – well – disgusting and toxic!

So if this was in my liver the whole time, even when I was already taking herbs, fiber and veggie juice, why was it still there? I needed to take that extra step to get it out. I wasn't that strict on my diet. If I had been, perhaps I would have accomplished that. But it didn't leave until I started using colon therapy. I think that gave me the extra muscles training my intestines, colon, etc. needed.

Anyway, since then I've done thousands of colonics for others over the years and here is a similarity almost everyone has. There is a eureka moment when the waste goes out and a light comes on and we exclaim, "I'm surprised I'm not dead!" That's how powerful a colonic can be. We see this and realize what's been stored in us all these years. How can we heal with this clogging our system? How can our bodies function with all this waste? That is a miracle in itself!

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