100 Cleansing Recipes

100 Cleansing Recipes is a PDF I created to help those who are on a body cleanse, weight loss or other type of holistic nutrition.  These cleansing recipes are easy and the ingredients are kept to a minimum, to help avoid a costly grocery list and to save time.  The herbs and spices used in many of the recipes are mostly from fresh, whole plants, but others may be included.

Following the detox diet necessary for a body cleanse, colon cleanse or other "clean eating" type of regimen, can come with changes that seem daunting.  Many recipe books call for a variety of equipment from vegetable spiralizers, food dehydrators or even an expensive Vitamix, limiting recipe choices for many.  Unfortunately these requirements may deter some from even beginning a healthy eating program.

In addition to the utensil or equipment requirements, many healthy recipes require numerous herbs, which can range in cost from $4-$10 per bottle these days (with organic being more expensive).  This can add $50 or more to your shopping list! 

That's why I was sure to use recipes in the collection in 100 Cleansing Recipes with minimum ingredients, while still allowing for flavor and variety.  

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Often when working with clients, I have found that those fairly new to body cleansing believe their food choices are limited.  Others would feel that recipes normally associated with holistic health programs involve quite a lifestyle change.

That's where these recipes fit in; they are not extreme, can satisfy your taste buds (even for those new to clean eating) and help you stay on track.  

The categories include beef and poultry entrees, bean dishes, tempeh dishes, vegetarian dishes, fish entrees and homemade, healthy and delicious salad dressings to help spark the imagination and stimulate creativity in the kitchen. 

Experimenting with these recipes may even help you think "outside the recipe box" and start creating your own healthy and tasty meals.

How to Use 100 Cleansing Recipes

During a colon cleanse (or body cleanse), breakfast should be simple and include fruits, yogurt, smoothies or homemade cereals (such as oats or raw granola).  

But lunch and dinner can quickly become boring and bland if you don't have a plan.  Use 100 Cleansing Recipes to find uncomplicated, healthy meal choices for every day lunch and/or dinner meals.  Personally, I prefer a green salad with some type of protein for lunch because it's easy.  But if that's not enough for you, then start with a small, green salad and add one of the easy recipes from this collection.

If you have completed a body cleanse program in the past, it may be tough to get started again, especially if you feel that your next two to four weeks will consist of meals of bland baked chicken and green salad with just lemon juice and olive oil.   But now you can do something just as easy, and different.

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The meals in this guide work well with any cleanse program whether you are doing a body, colon or weight loss cleanse.  They utilize herbs and fresh veggies that are easily chopped; but not too many so as to make the recipe overly complicated for one, quick meal. 

These cleansing recipes are much healthier than frozen versions of meals, which often have too many additives, such as preservatives and flavor enhancers, to work well with a cleanse.  Fresh food provides the benefit of food enzymes and herbs.  If you don't always have time for fresh veggies, keeping frozen, organic vegetables in your freezer is the next, best alternative.

If this is your first time cleansing, it is easy to get stuck in an eating rut, wondering what to make every day.  These recipes are healthier versions of foods that many people are used to eating (such as beef or chicken).  They help those who are not quite ready to give up meat or go vegan or raw.  I refer to these as transition recipes, because they make it easier for many people to make the transition into their new program.  

Use this guide to prompt your kitchen creativity.  Sometimes we just need reminders of what to have for dinner.  In these days with modern busy lifestyles being the norm, it is easy to be tempted to eat take out food.  These can be laden with hidden sodium, unhealthy fats and other substances that can sabotage any program or healthy eating lifestyle.  This recipe book can be a helpful resource to keep handy and find recipes when you're at a loss as to what for make for dinner.

100 Cleansing Recipes is affordable at only $2.99 and comes as an instant PDF download.  I decided to do this instead of Kindle so you can easily print (or save) only the recipes that you want.  Just click the button below and start cookin'!

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