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Free Gift from Cindy
April 15, 2010

Free Gift - Mini E-Course

Hi Everyone,

I just created a free report and have decided to send it to all my subscribers in PDF form, called Secrets of Weight Loss and Fat Loss.

Even if you don't need to lose weight, you may find this information helpful in other areas of your life.

(For example, when a client first brought me a video of Dr. Lorraine Day's "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore," I thought it did not pertain to me. My client told me it would. Now I get it, the information helped me continue to piece together the puzzle of good health.

Feel free to share this with anyone you like if you think it would benefit them. And I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for Reading. Here's your report:
Secrets of Real Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Because this is going out as a special promotion, I will offer you the same offer as those who get the email course. (I could not put this in the PDF version.) So - here it is:

If you order through this link, you can get both books for the one price of $37. That includes 4 books including the guides and handbooks, 2 Bonus Vibrant Health Article books and the Bonus 100 Cleansing Recipes. But you have to come back here and order using these buttons below.

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Another special offer and thank you for reading all the way through. If you decide to try the free trial of the Colon Cleanse Elite - Free Trial , send me your order/receipt number through my Contact Form and I'll give you a free copy of one of these books. You tell me which one and I will email you your choice. These offer may expire anytime, without notice.

Member's Area Password: springclean intensive
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