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Springclean Health E-News, Issue #02
August 01, 2007

Cleansing Update


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Diet and Motivation Tips

Avoid labels... when in doubt, don't check the label, just don't buy it. The more foods you eat that are fresh, whole foods, the better.

Fresh apples don't have labels, applesauce does therefore could have sugar, nutrasweet, etc., added to it.

Same for carrot juice. If you make it, there are no labels on the carrots besides the farm it came from. But if you buy it bottled, you'll see a label because it may have preservatives (it can spoil quickly), added "fake" juices to enhance the flavor, and so on.

Choosing foods without labels even for a week will help retrain you to purchase foods that are healthy for you.

Let Food be Your Medicine

Cinnamon is a strong stimulator of insulin activity therefore it is potentially helpful for those with adult-onset diabetes. In addition, it has been shown to help prevent blood clots.

But here's a tidbit many people don't know. This only applies to real cinnamon. But most spices sold as cinnamon are actually a cousin of it called "cassia." To find the real cinnamon, look for Ceylon Cinnamon. It's light brown, the "sticks" are thin, soft, sweet, and filled (like a cigar).

I have found it online at and

Featured Recipe

Zucchini Ribbon Salad
Use a peeler and peel your organic zucchini. Throw away the skin, then keep peeling the insides to make long "ribbons."

Toss these ribbons with olive oil, lemon and a little sea salt. Add a small amount of thinly sliced organic cheese (also ribbon-like) to the top of your salad for decoration and a little flavor.

Don't panic, it should be such a small amount so not to interfere with your cleanse/diet. Also, you can find organic and raw-milk cheese from grass-fed cows to ensure your meal remains in-line with your health goals.

Professionals Corner


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Please check the newsletters each issue as the password may change periodically. Thank you for your cooperation.

Health in the News

Michael Moore's movie "Sicko" has been in the news a lot lately. If you haven't heard, it profiles the U.S. "health care" system with the intention of bringing to light the fact that it needs overhauling.

As the controversy roars on, what many people are not talking about is the state of the health of people in general.

Instead of being mad that pharmaceuticals/drugs/medications are expensive, diagnosing is often wrong, and surgeries are killing us - we can take certain issues back into our own hands.

Take care of your body by making good food choices, exercise, get fresh air, and clean your body out. Many would be surprised at how quickly ailments can clear up.

Just go to any "raw food" site and you'll find stories of healing that seem impossible. But anyone who's ever tried it will know they're true.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Ask A Question

Why is Aloe Vera added to the 7 Day Cleanse?

While doing the 7 Day, if you've been preparing your body, you will move out waste that's not from yesterday or even last week. The waste will more likely be older buildup which is more difficult for your body to move out because it has "hardened." For many people, peristalsis of the intestinal tract is simply not strong enough. So the aloe vera creates stronger peristalsis/contractions to move the waste out.

In addition, aloe is very soothing and healing. I've always imagined if the waste has been laying on the lining of the small intestine for years, what is the condition of the lining of the underneath? I believe it could use some "healing help."

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