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Clear Subconscious Blockages 4 Video Training
November 08, 2022

30 Days to Reprogram Mind and Body for Success

Hi Everyone!

I have decided to keep my new mini course, From Defeat to Power, at $27 until November 30th, midnight.

This is an actual mini-course with added training materials where you will learn 4 Supportive Strategies to help connect your mind and body and then create a 30-Day Personal Action Plan to unleash your SuperPowers for Success.

In this mini-course, you will learn:

*How to physically remove hidden blockages

*How to unleash your superpowers and use them to your advantage

*How to generate your own healing energy

*How to create your 30-Day Personal Action Plan for Success

Buy "Yes! I'll take my Mini-Course Discount!" Training Course Now


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