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April 18, 2024

The Core Cleanse is Ready

The Core Cleanse Program is Ready!

This program is not a diet scheme that you have to keep buying over and over to get results. It’s not a magic pill or supplement. It’s a solid program and plan that you can implement now and feel healthier, lose weight, gain energy, and even feel and look younger in just 28 days.

This program will teach you how to take charge of your health and empower you to avoid the FAKE FOODS and FOOD TECHNOLOGIES that are keeping you unhealthy or stopping you from losing weight. You will learn WHY and HOW to avoid the hidden substances in food to make you addicted to it and make it hard to stop eating it.

And you will learn how to take back your power and undo the DAMAGE that those fake foods have done to you and your body.

This Program comes with:

The complete Core Cleanse Training Manual Quick Start Guide Sample Meal Plans Daily Cleanse Guide and Explanations Fill-in-the-blank PDFs to help create and keep track of your program BONUS - Rainbow of Nutrition guide PDF BONUS - 100 Cleansing Recipes PDF filled with easy-to-make recipes that can be adjusted to suit your tastes and needs, added to keep your program interesting!

Read more about my 2 new programs, The Core Cleanse Elite and the Core Cleanse with Coaching at the link below RebelSage-Intro.html
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