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June 21, 2024



The Core Cleanse Pro Manual For Professional and Aspiring Holistic and Alternative Health Practitioners

Get out of the medical paradigm of waiting for people to come to you when sick. Instead, focus on promoting health, strength, motivation, and empowerment with a cleanse that will support them body, mind and spirit.

The Core Cleanse is the program that was central to my practice. It helped so many people, after my first year in business I realized this is all I wanted to offer, because it can help anyone.

After guiding clients on this complete, deep cleanse, they returned over and over again. Some wanted to lose weight, some wanted even more energy, and others wanted to ensure the newly acquired health never left them.

This manual does NOT include The Core Cleanse, which is the actual program. Instead, this manual is for professionals only. It covers:

*The Deep keys to nutrition, cleansing and self-healing

*The Body's Natural Cycles and the Cycle of Cleansing (and how to resestablish it) * Acid Alkaline Truth

*Support and guide clients through a deep body cleanse

*How to keep clients motivated

*Targeted cleanse protocols

*Anatomy and digestive health for cleansing

*Liver health and enterohepatic circulation

*How to deal with Xenobiotics

*And MORE...

THIS OFFER IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - and then it becomes part of The Core Cleanse Professional Version.

My name is Cindy Papp and for over 20 years I taught health practitioners and entrepreneurs in the Los Angeles area how to help themselves and their clients by clearing physical and mental waste, and clear the path to healing and success.

My programs and courses are based on my experience and allow me to continue my love of teaching. Your body is stronger than you can imagine and your mind is the door to opportunity.

I teach Supportive Strategies that are keys to help you unlock your potential, and want to help other health practitioners create a practice that truly impacts their business by positively impacting their clients' health.


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