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May 28, 2024

Is Digestive Health Linked to Weight Control?

There's a lot of buzz on gut health and weight, but a more important and less discussed link is between digestive health and weight.

The gut microbiome seems to play a role in obesity, based on recent studies that found that obese people have fewer bacteria in their gut compared to those with moderate weight. (Turnbaugh, et al., 2008)

While this may be true, it misses the point that healthy digestion should be the focus for true weight management, not just the gut bacterial count.

Strengthening digestion through diet and other lifestyle factors like moderate exercise and stress relief practices are great contributors to a healthy gut. And strong digestion sets up a healthy metabolism that is naturally able to balance and maintain a healthy weight.

Tips to Support Digestion

* Avoid highly processed foods, as they are difficult to digest
* Consume a nutrient rich diet that focuses on vegetables and fruits
* Since stress can directly and negatively impact digestion, incorporate stress management practices like meditation
* Avoid high fat meals that can tax digestion
* Avoid overeating at all times
* Limit grains and grain products like processed breads and cereal
* Drink plenty of water throughout the day
* Cleanse your body to avoid a "high stool burden" that is common in today's culture

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