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Health Supports Success
April 25, 2024

Health Really Does Support Success

In today's world, it's easy to forget that health and success are related. While it's not a requirement to be healthy to be successful, it IS much easier to be successful if you are healthy.

Sahar's Story

Let's begin with a story about a past client, whom I'll call Sahar. Sahar had chronic, systemic candida, lived with her boyfriend who, along with a personal nurse, took care of her daily needs.

Sahar worked part time as a college professor. She couldn't do more than part time hours as her life was consumed with doctor visits, her mind was often foggy (which is a symptom of systemic candida), and her situation often led to feelings of depression. She was exisiting, not living.

During her time as a client with me, I guided her through a Core Cleanse to help clear her digestive tract. I knew that because the body is self-healing, if we can help clear the waste and provide the nutrition she needed, her body would have a greater chance an healing itself.

In the early part of her cleanse, Sahar resisted the program as she had been told many different philosophies from many different health providers, all with no results. (It's not wonder she was skeptical.) After deciding to add fresh vegetable juice to her program, which she had been told was a no-no for candida, she started feeling more energy course through her body, even if it was short-lived.

As time went on, she realized the juice was indeed helping her body begin the healing process. As Sahar's cleanse continued, she witnessed the release of gallstones and other waste that had been blocking her body from healing.

By the end of her cleanse, after the ups and downs of the healing process, Sahar came into her appointment crying. But - she said it was a "good cry," because she had broken up with her boyfriend. Apparently the feeling was mutual that they didn't truly belong together as a couple, but he felt the need to take care of her and she felt she needed the care. When they split, her cries of of joy for independence and for the freedom of someone she loved, although not in a romantic way.

Soon after, Sahar landed her dream job upstate, and cried even more tears of joy as she couldn't believe the transformation of her life. It was a natural transition as she was able to focus on living instead of managing the symptoms of illness.

I have been fortunate and blessed enough to see this pattern emerge in client's lives again and again. I wishe the best for everyone and my goal is to educate everyone on the power that resides within all of us.

We all have the power to heal, to thrive and to live abudantly, and we can all get to this state much easier with a Holistic Approach of body, mind and spirit.


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