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Mind Power and the Key to Heatlh
June 18, 2024

Mind Power is a Key to Health

Mind power is associated with success, but it is also key in health and healing.

Many of us know that our bodies are affected by our physical environment and lifestyle. Our diets, level of or lack of physical activity, and quality of sleep can all have a negative or positive impact on our health.

But mental health also plays a role. High stress situations can lead to physical illness. Ongoing, chronic stress is linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as some newer research is showing it may also be linked to cancer.

But what does this have to do with mind power?

Focus and Concentration

Whether we have a desire to heal from illness, improve physical fitness, lose weight or have more energy, a positive mindset is one of the most important factors for reaching a goal.

If you can believe that you can reach your goal, you are more likely to stay focused. However, if even subconsciously, you don't believe you can reach a goal, you may find ways to sabotage yourself with old patterns of poor diet or skip exercise.

The placebo effect demonstrates the power of the mind in healing. According to an article published in The Harvard Health Blog, Dr. Rober H. Schmerling, MD, states, "Recent research on the placebo effect only confirms how powerful it can be — and that the benefits of a placebo treatment aren't just "all in your head." Measureable physiological changes can be observed in those taking a placebo, similar to those observed among people taking effective medications. In particular, blood pressure, heart rate, and various blood test results have been shown to change among subsets of research subjects who responded to a placebo." (Source: Harvard Health Blog, The Placebo Effect: Amazing and Real, June 2020)

The belief in a placebo is greatly influenced by our conditioning that the medical provider is offering a powerful medication that will help one heal.

This belief can be turned to a belief in self and a belief in the body's power of healing, the ability to lose weight, gain energy, or almost anything we desire. But not all of us can simply change our beliefs so easily.

Mind power, the ability to focus and concentration are skills that anyone can learn and/or develop. The key is consistent practice to help alter our brain's network (neuroplasticity) and change our thought patterns, and a key to consistency is using a practice that is easy to incorporate into our daily lives.

I developed the Focus Clear Create Mini Mind Training program to help anyone develop improved focus, but with added bonuses.

Along with developing laser focus, the training includes a practice to clear mental clutter daily and develop creative flow. These are important to not only clear limiting beliefs, but to also use our imagination to see ourselves as having successfully reached our goals! When we can visualize it, we can strengthen our belief in and ability to follow through and complete our mission to reach our goals.

The program includes 3 videos, Focus, Clear and Create, of about 10 minutes each. The final video puts all three together into one powerful practice that can be used daily in less than 20 minutes. This is an easy way to develop your mind power at the start of your day for a powerfully productive day, at the end of your day for more powerful dreams, or anytime in between if you need a refresher. I hope to see you there.

Focus Clear Create Mini Training


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