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The Suprising Truth About Subconscious Blockages
June 25, 2024

The Suprising Truth About Subconscious Blockages and Health

We have all heard of subconscious blockages, but they are often attributed to blocking us from reaching our financial or relationship goals. In this article, I'd like to address the surprising truth about subconscious blockagess and the connections to physical health.

The relationships of the mind and body is synergistic. Our thoughts influence our physical health while at the same time our physical health impacts our thoughts, emotional wellness and mental health.

Physical events and the emotions that go with them can turn into memories that become intwined into our physical being.

Neural networks, muscles, fascia, and cells throughout the body can recall physical sensations and reactions that may be triggered if an associated memory is triggered.

The Enteric Nervous System is responsible for sending these signals both ways between the digestive system (gut) and the brain.

Unfortunately, it is not well known how past traumas and experiences can cause physical and/or emotional issues years or even decades later. The following story may provide an answer for some people.

Case Study

This Case Study illustrates how closely the body, mind and memories are related.

Debbie came to me as a client for help in reducing her abdomen. An average sized woman of 45, she had always had a very round, protruding and hard abdomen.

My first question to her was how often she had a bowel movement (BM). She informed me that she went maybe once or twice a week, While ensuring me that her doctor said that was normal for her and had nothing to do with her protruding abdomen.

I guided her through a deep cleanse (which is now my program called The Core Cleanse). About three weeks into her program, she came in for a session of colon hydrotherapy and had an amazing story to share.

The previous evening, she said she went to the bathroom "to release." In my practice, I shared with clients that a BM was different than "a release" as the BM feels like a typical movement (ideally without discomfort), while a "release" may feel more crampy or maybe more comfortable, depending on what the body is releasing. During a release, older waste is removed, which if often dark green, black, stringy, ropey, or may smell like chemicals or tar.

As she was releasing, a memory welled up in her that she hadn't thought of in decades. She shared that when she was only 8 years old, her mom arranged a birthday party for her and friends at a beach. During this time she felt very ill and eventually had diahrrea while still wearing her swimsuit.

Her mom rushed her to the public shower to help clean her off. Unfortunately, after she was clean, her mom told her that if that ever happened again, she would strip off her pants and spank her in front of all of her friends.

Debbie looked at me a little surprised and said, "It worked - I never pooped again!"

While Debbie never harbored any ill will toward her mom for the incident, she immediately knew there was a connection and the release that her body was experiencing was not only deeply embedded in her bowels, but also a memory (akin to trauma) that she was finally able to let go.

Afterward Debbie's healing continued as her abodomen reduced and softened. She proceeded to experienced daily BMs and realized her general physician had misguided her about how often she should have a BM. As she stated, "If I'm eating three times a day, then more waste should be leaving my body!"

Body and mind are very connected, and the "stories" that others tell us may impact us more than we think. I offer The Core Cleanse as an online program today, so I can share it with more people.

I also created Defeat to Power, an easy mini-course where you will learn 4 Supportive Strategies to help overcome subconscious and physical blockages that can be done at home, in your spare time.


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