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Feeling Stuck?  Then Do Something About it; Check out my
Healing Transformation Program to
Lose Weight, Gain Motivation, Clear Blockages and Move Forward
Heal your Body, Heal your Life
$900 for 12 Sessions
Shorter Program $450 for 6 Sessions

Colonics Thousand Oaks - It's not just colon hydrotherapy; it's a complete program to help transform your life

Reach your goals now with my Integrative and Intensive Program. 

Are you looking for an effective way of raising your confidence, healing, losing weight for good or desire personal awakening by removing blockages?  If this sounds like you, then you have been led to the right place.

For over 20 years I have been working with clients to remove barriers, cleanse and heal.  My integrative and intensive program utilizes colonics and nutrition, mediation coaching, energy work and spiritual/life coaching to help you reach your goals, making this an all encompassing transformative healing program that encompasses Body/Mind/Spirit.  

I am located in Agoura Hills, easily reached to serve clients for colonics
Thousand Oaks, Calabasas and even Malibu.

Colonics Thousand Oaks - Your body, mind and spirit work together to allow you to live life to your fullest.  However, a blockage in one area can and does created blockages in other areas of our lives.   These blockages can stop us from being happy, healthy or successful.

This is especially true of our physical health.  When we give up control of our health to others, we become victims of illness which can manifest as physical, emotional or spiritual.  Poor health can deteriorate even further if we take medications that mask the symptoms.  Side effects of medications can limit our ability to exercise, enjoy healthy sleeping patterns and even interfere with other areas of our health.

Reversing life patterns, unwinding health issues and reclaiming power over our health takes some guidance and effort.  True transformation takes time.  Time is what allows true healing to take place, and why I work with clients to do life transforming, healing programs instead of just colonics.

The work we do together happens in a safe and comfortable environment.  You will learn something new every session, and the teaching is enforced as you see changes happen physically and within.  Seeing these changes while gaining new knowledge helps you make even more changes, and the patterns begin to reverse into a new and healthier direction.

Healing Colonics Cleanse Package

The intensive program is designed to help you remove subconscious blockages and/or other issues that may be interfering with your life goals.   Nutrition and colon hydrotherapy work together to help your body cleanse.  But along with the physical, your body can remove unwanted, negative energies - and that is where my gift lies.  I incorporate energy work into this program so you can experience true energy healing and learn how your body and energy fields work together to enhance healing.

Supplements are not included due to the unique requirements of each client, but most can be easily obtained at your local health market.

By Appointment Only, Call Cindy at (818) 963-1587
Leave a message as this program is not part of the "regular" services and must be scheduled with me, only.

Colonics Thousand Oaks

I Will Be Your Guide and Coach

My name is Cindy and I have been helping guide clients in the Los Angeles area through transformative programs for 23 years. I hold a Bach. Science in Holistic Nutrition, am a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist (20 years), Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (20 years), Certified Spiritual Guide (5 years), and Trained in Energy Work and Reiki (10 years).

Colonics Thousand Oaks; I am located in Agoura Hills off the Chesebro exit

I have helped clients reach goals in weight loss, overcoming anxiety, health issues, business goals and remove blockages that stand in the way of the body's self-healing abilities.  Full programs such as this allow the time that is necessary for healing and clearing. 

When the physical issues are addressed, the energetic blockages become easier to release.  This, in turn, allows the client to move forward with their lives with confidence, energy and health.

Ready to get started?  Do you have questions or want to know if this is right for you?  Call Cindy (818) 963-1587 by appointment only.  This program cannot be scheduled through the receptionist so if I am with a client you must leave a message and I will return your call.

Colonics Thousand Oaks

Description of Services for the Life Transformation Program

Colonics or Colon hydrotherapy is at the core of this program.  Because we manifest issues physically, poor health begins to control our lives as we put our true desires on hold.  Cleansing the body with nutrition through herbal supplements and proper diet help our bodies natural systems that cleanse and detoxify to step up and begin doing what it is meant to do; take care of us.

This type of work can be difficult, but when colonics are added, many people find that the work becomes much easier.  Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle, safe and effective way of helping your body remove excess waste, which is released during a cleanse or even a weight loss program.

Clients that experience the effectiveness of this type of work become more motivated to stick with the program and put in even more effort to reach their goals. This helps create a cycle of health and "forward movement" in our lives.

Nutritional Coaching is centered around colon cleansing and body detoxification.  There is no one-size-fits-all diet for cleansing because we are all beginning at different stages of our lives.  What helps one person's body begin the cleansing cycle may be very different for what another person's cleansing systems require to "kick in."

Because of individual needs and health, nutritional coaching is evaluated each session during the colonic to help the client make changes as needed and continue to make progress.

Blockage Clearing and/or Relaxation is done during the colonic session to help make the process easier.  This work is very individual so the techniques used may vary, but using them greatly helps reduce stress and anxiety during the program. 

The work may seem very subtle at first, and may intensify as the program progresses.  During the program, this work helps clients learn subtle body signals and how they can help themselves break through barriers and move forward.  The goal is to help clients learn and continue to help their body/energy/spirit clear away negative patterns that can interfere with life.

Optional Post-Colonic, "Energy-Work" sessions are scheduled as needed, to "clear energy" and raise negative vibrations, as well as teach you techniques to use at home.  What type of work used is determined by your goals, needs and other factors such as what you are comfortable with, what you have time for, etc.  With practice, these techniques can help you throughout your life to stay on track to reach your goals and desires.  These sessions are optional.  Some people feel enough work was done during the original session, or some may be too fatigued as this is work.  If you do want the extra session, there is no charge if your program is paid up front.

Colonics Thousand Oaks, Calabasas and Surrounding Area

Life Transformation Program for
Success, Weight Loss, to Regain Health

One-on-One Intensive Program for Healing, Weight Loss, Life Changes, More Energy and Motivation - Read more below

12 Sessions Colon Hydrotherapy with Energy Clearing and Nutritional Consultation (concurrent with CT session)
Price Slashed for the New Year / Limited Availability
deal may end at any time
Complete Program Only $900 
(limited space available)

Call Cindy at (818) 963-1587

Colon hydrotherapy service only:
6 Sessions for $450
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 Colonics Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Calabasas