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Free Promo Tomorrow Only - Get The SpringClean Cleanse on Kindle Free
March 12, 2013

Get The SpringClean Cleanse on Kindle Free

Hi All, The SpringClean Cleanse
On Wednesday, March 13, 2013, a Kindle Version of my book; The SpringClean Cleanse, The Manual for Cleansing and Detoxification, will be available to download (and then you keep it) for FREE.

I am asking all who read my book to please, please leave a positive review for the book at Amazon if you find it is helpful. If you can do this, new customers really appreciate why you liked it so they know if they might relate to the book themselves. In exchange for the review, the copies are free all day tomorrow, so if you have a Kindle (or your friend does) please go ahead and download from this link: The SpringClean Cleanse in Kindle

I have page on Facebook that I have been working on. I will keep you updated on more fun recipes, interesting health tidbits and action you can take to help your family and our country get healthier. If you appreciate the information on my website, please go and "like" my Facebook page by clicking on the icon to the right or follow this link: The SpringClean Cleanse on Facebook

All visits are appreciated and I could sure use the help. Thank you for reading!

Cleansing Update

Dangers of Colon Cleansing

Diet & Motivation Tips

Summer is just around the corner so many of us will be looking to do our personal body spring cleaning. Tomorrow, Wednesday March 13, will be the day to download my book through Kindle for free so you can get started on your program.

In it, you will find a daily cleanse schedule and a daily recipe guide. Choose either one to copy and past on your fridge to help you shop then stay on track.

By looking at your schedule, you will see that your program is a very small chunk of time out of your life. In addition, when put in perspective you can see when your "reward" is coming and count the days. (The reward could be lost waste, lost pounds or an organic chocolate bar at the end!)

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Chili Peppers are known to help keep blood flowing freely which helps lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. They contain a substance called capsaicin, which fights inflammation.

Capsaicin is currently being studied for pain relief such as in arthritis and psoriasis. Many athletes advocate using chili pepper sauce on foods to speed up metabolism.

The bottom line is to boost your health and immunity, eat chili peppers in any form you can; hot sauce, add to your chili, add to soups and stews, spice up sauteed veggies or even use capsaicin pills as a dietary supplement. And remember, the more you do for your health, the happier you will be.


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Add some chili peppers to this delicious spread for a healthy kick!

Professional's Corner

Let a Body Cleanse be Central to Your Clients' Healing
Anyone who works with clients to help them heal should keep in mind a central rule of health; you cannot heal if the body is ridden with toxins. I have taught this message and method to Chiropractors, Nutritional Counselors, Nurses and even Medical Doctors over the years. It is a method that works. It will help your specific program be more effective which, as we all know, leads to happier clients and more referrals.
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