The Dangers of Colon Cleansing

There are many myths claiming the dangers of colon cleansing, most of which are not based upon fact, but fear. I recently read a review about colonics claiming that people may absorb too much water which could lead to heart failure and fluid in the lungs – what!? So, when waste (fecal matter) moves through the colon, can that get into the lungs, too? This is a silly comment and I’m sure the person who wrote it had no experience whatsoever with cleansing.

Another one of the so-called dangers of colon cleansing says that it will interfere with the balance of bacteria and other natural chemicals in the body. If doctors truly believed this, then they would also believe or understand that foreign chemicals such as pesticides, and chemicals (such as BHT and BHA which are commonly used in food processing in America) in the body would also interfere with our natural balance. What’s with the double standard?

It is hypocritical to state that healthy colon cleansing herbs and water will interfere and harm us yet drugs (pharmaceuticals) and processed foods aren’t considered to be a danger. I once had someone ask me if colon cleansing would strip the colon. I asked them if drinking water stripped their esophagus. The fact is, our bodies are mostly water and one of the colon’s jobs is to absorb water from waste. This water is sent to the kidneys for elimination. Since you don’t hold the water in during a colonic, you will not become water logged.

There are, however, healing crisis that people experience. This can be considered one of the dangers of colon cleansing if you try to do too much at once. As with anything, moderation is key. Besides, you won't clear up 20-30 years worth of buildup in a month. This is going to take time, so take your time.

There are ways to deal with them and control them to make your cleanse a better experience.

  • If you feel nauseous during your cleanse, be sure you are drinking plenty of water. Try adding a little peppermint extract to a few ounces of water.

  • If you are fasting and feel nauseous, try sipping organic beef broth. (I know, I know, it sounds icky, but it seems to work.)

  • If you experience a headache, try a homeopathic remedy. Also, lavender or peppermint oil on the temples helps. Personally, I prefer a colonic. I have found that healing crisis are usually because the toxins have to loosen and flow through the body before they flow out. Before cleansing, these toxins were lodged in and your body probably protected you by surrounding it with mucus – your bodies’ line of defense. While traveling through, you will feel it more. So the colonic helps get it out faster.

  • Many people will get a cold or flu symptoms in the early stages of cleansing. I believe this is just the toxins working their way through. I used to get viral infections regularly. When I cleansed, I toughed it out and the breakouts don’t happen anymore. Taking Echinacea and goldenseal in a liquid combination will help your body kill the bacteria and neutralize virus so it won’t hurt you. This combination has been shown to strengthen the immune system by causing it to work up to 60% more.

The dangers of colon cleansing aren't because you are consuming healthy things. The danger can only lie in trying to do too much too fast which can make things very uncomfortable. So use these tips to your advantage and good luck!

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