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Springclean Health E-News, Issue #01
July 15, 2007

Cleansing Update

For professionals and novice alike, we must know the limitations of cleansing. Check out this link which can be reached only through our newsletter and Health Blog.

Link: Dangers of Colon Cleansing

Diet and Motivation Tips

Many of us have a difficult time sticking to a health program. It's not easy to eat right and take our supplements each day when summer is here. Instead, we want to be out enjoying ourselves or living it up while on vacation.

One way to stay on track is to write your plan on your calendar. If you have an event, try to do your program before or after. If you have to do it while on vacation or during a party, write it out and give yourself a little room on the special days only.

By looking at your schedule, you will see that your program is a very small chunk of time out of your life. In addition, when put in perspective you can see when your "reward" is coming and count the days. (The reward could be lost waste, lost pounds or an organic chocolate bar at the end!)

Let Food be Your Medicine

Chili Peppers are known to help keep blood flowing freely which helps lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. They contain a substance called capsaicin, which fights inflammation. It is currently being studied for pain relief such as in arthritis and psoriasis. Many athletes advocate using chili pepper sauce on foods to speed up metabolism.

Featured Recipe

Here's an excellent liver cleansing recipe for a quick lunch while your cleansing... Grate 1-3 carrots, depending how hungry you are. Toss with lemon juice, about 2 TBS olive oil and some raisins. It tastes like dessert because when freshly grated, the carrot is naturally sweet and moist!

Don't worry about the sugar - your body does not treat this the same as harmful, processed white sugar.

Professionals Corner

You want your clients to get the best results as quick as they can. Many times they don't feel good and our society is very conditioned to quick relief - like take an aspirin.

To help, start their program with a week long cleanse. Write out a food program with them and schedule your next visit one week away. Have them use a checklist or write out their meals. (Hint: a checklist is easier and more likely to get done.) This will help in two ways...

First, one week is not too long to ask for them to follow a strict diet. They will be back in only a week for you to check on them, so most will want you to see they are making an effort.

Second, by clearing some waste out of the way, the results they see from the healing herbs or supplements that you give them will be expedited. This is because the body can better absorb the herbs and higher quality nutrition.

Member's Area

Password: 47321 URL: Why Can't We Heal?

This password is for an "member's only" web page. Soon it will be an area that can only be accessed from here. It is a new feature and in the process of being built. Soon you will find special offers, free e-books, and articles written just for you. Use this password for the article(s) for now but soon it will be an entry page into a whole new section. Stay tuned!

Health in the News

Last month (June), the United Food Group expanded a recall of 445,000 pound of beef because of e. coli contamination, in 11 states of the USA. Just recently there was a lawsuit filed against PM Beef Holdings, LLC and Lund Food Holdings, the producer and retailer who sold e.coli-contaminated beef. Last year it was e.coli contamination of lettuce and spinach.

You can take steps to protect yourself. We cannot know if our food is contaminated and, apparently, these days your not safe even if you are vegetarian!

What we can do is make sure our bodies are strong enough to protect us in case we eat contaminated food.

One thing we can do is be sure to consume good bacteria, or probiotics. Studies have shown (and holistic health practitioners have always been aware) that consuming good bacteria will cause our immune cells to kill 40-60% more harmful bacteria. In addition, the good bacteria reside in your intestinal tract where e.coli attacks, so these are particularly effective against this type of infection.

Work this into your diet by consuming yogurt for the good bacteria. If you cannot consume milk products, try a probiotic supplement.

Ask A Question

How do I get more iron in my diet if I'm a vegetarian?

Dark greens contain iron that the body can absorb. Add tomatoes that are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C allows the body to better absorb and utilize the iron.

Another veggie to add to your diet on a regular basis is beets. These are high in iron, help detox the blood and replenishes it with high quality minerals and natural sugars.

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