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Holistic Nutrition and Health
January 17, 2017

Healthy 2017 and Upcoming Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

The new year can mean turning over a new leaf, maintaining health, vitality and happiness or starting new adventures. While we all have our own, personal goals, one thing that remains consistent; a healthy body allows us the energy and helps us keep a healthy mindset to achieve our goals.

To get the year started right, I will be holding a giveaway in the February Newsletter - watch then for directions on how to enter!

And now, here are some articles to help you maintain or regain your health as winter is upon us.

Boost Your Immunity

No matter what your age or level of health, it is possible to strengthen your immune system and help it work better, stronger and more efficiently through the use of nutrition.

Boost Your Immune System

Cabbage for Health and Beauty?

Whether raw, steamed or fermented, cabbage is a powerful superfood that can provide the nutrients your body needs to seriously slow aging and bring out your natural, inner beauty.


Champion - The Workhorse of Juicers

Your body can assimilate juice without having to digest it. And it will eliminate what you do not need as far as nutrients, because the nutrients are natural.

Champion Juicer

Free Giveaway Coming

COMING UP - in the next newsletter I will include directions for a drawing to win the Mystic Healer Box shown below. For now, check it out in my store, using the link below.

Ecwid Mystic Healer box

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