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The Champion Juicer was the first juicer I used when first introduced to colon cleansing and body detox programs.  I feel that fresh juice, mainly vegetables, should be a staple of any health regimen.

champion juicer

During a colon cleanse or body cleanse, your body's natural cleansing and detoxification processes kick in to high gear. Digestion and metabolism begin revving because junk and processed foods are lessened while whole foods are being consumed, leaving more room for your body to naturally clear waste.

Nutritional supplements like fiber, barley grass, wheatgrass or chlorella help your body detoxify and remove imbedded chemical and metal toxins.  The downside of this process is that the waste must then be transported through your blood, lymph, liver, kidneys and bladder as they are being released from fat cells and body tissue. This process can put extra burden on your body's cleansing and detoxification systems.

As built up waste is broken down, your body's systems of elimination begin to work harder to remove it.  This means your digestion system, intestinal tract and entire gut area must work harder.

Extra energy output requires that we consume extra energy in the form of nutrition. But vitamin or mineral supplements will not provide the same nutrition as real food.  The best replacement is fresh juice made from whole, organic vegetables, which can help fill in the nutritional gap.  Here's why...

Your body can assimilate juice without having to digest it.  This is especially helpful when digestion is impaired for any reason.  At the same time, unlike a laboratory made vitamin, your body is able to eliminate what you do not need as far as nutrients, because the nutrients are natural.

For example, if you take a vitamin A supplement but your body already has enough vitamin A, it is possible to damage your liver from toxicity.  But if you drink a vegetable juice that contains beta carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A, but you require no vitamin A, your body will simply not convert, safeguarding you from toxicity.

My Champion Juicer Review
The Champion of Juicers

Here's what I love about the Champion Juicer;

  • The Champion juicer is powerful.   I have owned and used my machine for nearly 20 years now, and have had to replace 2 parts because I lost them.
  • Recently it did need maintenance, so I sent it back to the factory; total cost of repair was under $50 and it works beautifully, again.
  • Over the years, I tried other juicers for comparison, hoping to find one that required less cleanup.  It turns out they were all comparable.
  • One can use less vegetables in this juicer than in lower quality juicers.  In other words, the same amount of carrots would make more juice in the Champion juicer than in the others.  In the long-run, this saves money and time.
  • Over the years, the price of the Champion is only slightly more than what I paid 20 years ago - and a lot less than others. 
  • Update 2018: After the one repair mentioned above, it still works well. 

The Cons of the Champion Juicer;

  • Some juicers may be more efficient and provide even higher quality juice.  In other words, you may be able to extract more juice from your vegetables.
  • My workaround for this is to "juice the pulp," meaning I simply run wet pulp through the juicer until the juicer extracts as much as it can.  (Of course this adds time, but I get the full benefit of all the veggies.)
  • I find that when I attempt to make too much juice (I try to make 12 ounces for five of us), the motor begins to get hot, which may heat up my juice.  My workaround for this is to turn off the machine and remove some of the internal, built up pulp.
  • Some people claim more nutrients are extracted from higher end juicers, due to the slower "squeeze" technology, which retains more nutrients.  One juicer, called the Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, not only utilizes this technology, but looks beautiful on your counter.  (The Champion takes up a lot of room so I do have to put it away after each use.)

Not All Juicers are the Same

Some other high end juicers range from $500 to $1,000, such as the Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor, which is more of a processor that leaves the pulp in your juice.  This is more akin to a smoothie since it requires digestion.

This type of juicer is not my preference for cleansing. When pulp is retained in the juice, your body must digest the pulp to extract many of the nutrients.  This is counter to the goal of cleansing, especially if one has health issues, because juice with no pulp requires no digestion, leaving more energy for cleansing.

The Champion Juicer is a "masticating" juicer. This means it tears apart the pulp to extract all the nutrients. Your body works less to absorb more - making it the perfect choice for any program.

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