The Cleansing Process

The cleansing process is greatly misunderstood. I have been out for a couple weeks working with many new clients which has brought me to a realization... there is a major communication gap when it comes to cleansing.

Cleansing in not something that is done to or for the body. Cleansing and detoxification are natural processes of the body. We have organs in place for cleansing such as the liver, small intestine and colon. The problem is that as we get older, these organs along with the entire body, get overwhelmed. Here's why...

As I drove home with my children from the museum the other day, my eyes started burning and watering. I saw the different air qualities as we drove 40 miles from downtown to our home in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Seeing some areas as brownish and some as orange, some hazy some not, smelling exhaust and fumes, all made me remember how hard our bodies must work to cope with this.

This is not only in a large city like L.A., however. I have seen haze lining the atmosphere from cities like Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sydney, Australia and even up in Utah where it's supposed to be cleaner. This has a major impact on our bodies' ability to keep up with the detoxification process - especially if you add in processed foods, pesticides, "chemically" enhanced water (like flouride), and junk foods.

Unfortunately many doctors claim a healthy liver can deal with these toxins - yes it can until it gets sick. But why wait? Helping your body with the cleansing process now may help your body to continue to fully do it's job of keeping (or getting) you healthy.

With all the toxins described above, the body works in over-time to detoxify and cleanse itself of many unrecognizable man-made chemicals. The natural cleansing process is inhibited. When a virus or bacteria enter, there is simply no energy or strength left for detoxification. It's much like putting a pile of dirt on your hand and wondering what's wrong with your hand - nothing, but it can't work very well with all that junk on it.

Keep in mind that your body's goal is survival. If it must set aside fat so that it has a place to store toxins - it will to keep you alive. We get colds as the body comes into contact with bacteria or virus and excess mucus is created by the body to carry this out. Defense mechanisms are constantly working to protect us, yet we give the body no help or "down time."

Herbs and certain foods can and should be used to help our bodies' cleanse. The cleansing process, like any other bodily process, needs strength which comes from nutrition.

This brings us to the reality. The cleansing process is a process that is natural to the body just as digestion, breathing, circulation and muscle building or shaping. We take herbs to give the organs strength to do their jobs. We consume high-quality nutrition for energy and which will allow the body to easily digest so it can also do the other jobs of detoxifying and cleansing itself.

Just as with cleansing, healing is not something that a practitioner or supplement does to you. Consider the broken bone... no doctor can do anything but set the bone and give you medications that may ward off infection or dull pain. But your body heals the bone.

Healing and keeping you well is what our bodies are made to do, hence all the "survival mechanisms." However, it cannot go through the healing process when burdened with toxins, built up with waste and no nutrition to manufacture new building blocks. This is why we get sick and why chronic disease exists.

So as your body is your temple for now - treat it well so it can do what it was intended to do. Your body makes new cells every day. It sheds old cells. It battles daily chemicals, pesticides, pollution, stress and still works.

Help it by treating it to healthy foods and assist the processes that you can. Deep breathing, colon cleansing, nutrition to build your immune system, and exercise are all ways of enhancing your body's natural processes. As you continue your quest for health you may be surprised at how strong your body really is.

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