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Body cleansing is the basis of health.  High quality nutrition does help, but when you help your body cleanse, nutrition has a greater impact.  Helping your body remove waste and toxins can expedite the negative effect they have on you.  You are left with good health, more energy and a renewed vigor for life.

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Body Cleansing is the Basis of Health

Body cleansing is where health can begin. It's no secret that when we are healthy, we feel more energetic, confident and happier.  On the other hand, physical illness can be detrimental beyond just feeling bad. Left unchecked, illness can lead to depression, weight gain, job loss and even financial ruin.

Prevention is always key, and reversal of poor health is possible in the form of holistic health practices.  The most basic health practice to begin with is cleaner eating. As we begin to eat healthier, we feel lighter, more energetic, some lose weight and others lose their symptoms of sickness.

When you eat junk or unhealthy foods, your body must work overtime to digest the excess fat, your liver overworks as it tries to neutralize man-made toxins it doesn't recognize, or your digestive tract exhausts itself as it tries to metabolize excess proteins and sugars.

When you begin to eat cleaner, you promote a natural body cleanse.  By eating healthy, you free your organs to do what they do naturally; work and keep you well.  You help your body remove unwanted "baggage" in the form of excess, internal waste buildup including excess proteins, waste fluids, fat and toxins stored in fat.

Then something wonderful happens.  We feel mentally lighter, freer and more energetic.  Burdens such as depression, fatigue and even cravings do not weigh us down as before.  In the past, this was unnoticed because the buildup was so slow that it just felt "natural" to be in this unhappy and unhealthy state.

The SpringClean Cleanse promotes that body cleansing is at the center of the whole health paradigm and where true health and prevention begin.

Fortunately, our bodies are resilient at almost any age and we can reverse the pattern of sickness and disease.  And here's a secret that most health practitioners don't teach (or don't know)... when done right, healthy changes do not have to be difficult chores of deprivation.

Simply eating well is a challenge for most of us.  Craving get in the way as well as side effects that some call a healing crisis.  This can come in the form of headaches, nausea and even cold or flu-like symptoms.

But with the right knowledge it is possible to more easily reduce cravings, heal, nurture your inner self and continue to live your life at the same time. I can show you how; this is my passion and my calling. 

This website is loaded with a wealth of free information aimed at helping people like you make the connections of body, mind and spirit and then use this knowledge to create a whole, happy life.  I hope you enjoy and find what you are looking for.  Some great articles to get started are Whole Body Cleansing or Find Your Best Colon Cleanse

How Does a Body Cleanse Fit In?

Body cleansing, a colon cleanse or detoxification may seem simple at first, but in my experience, many practitioners have put it in the background of health when it should be your main focus.  We cannot have great health without a clean beginning - otherwise its like trying to repair a sink full of dirty water.  Learn how cleansing not only resets digestion, but can help you remove blockages and barriers to health, income and living your dream life; Begin your journey at HOW TO CLEANSE.

Why do a Fat Loss Cleanse?

A body cleanse, body detox or colon cleanse can help you lose weight, recover health, or even look younger.   But when using any type of cleanse for weight loss, it is possible to tailor your diet and supplements to ensure you lose fat instead of precious muscle.  Learn how to do a FAT LOSS CLEANSE.

Natural Anti Aging through Cleansing

That's right! Cleansing your body is a natural anti-aging technique!  Cleansing your skin can leave it feeling fresh and smooth out wrinkles.  Helping your body remove dead skin cells allows the fresh, healthy cells to regenerate and shine through. 

Cleansing your body can help remove waste, like environmental toxins, that can interrupt your natural hormonal balance; and we all know how important healthy hormonal balance is for our weight, mental state and even mood. 

And lastly, even certain exercises help keep you young while keeping your body cleansed.  Walking stimulates blood circulation as well as your lymphatic system to help it remove waste that contributes to weight gain.  Rebounding can help stimulate your organs, clearing them of waste, allowing them to be healthier and more efficient.

So you see, natural anti-aging is more easily accomplished when we realize it's an "inside job" that requires body cleansing.  LEARN MORE ABOUT NATURAL ANTI-AGING

What Is Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is the basis for just about any health or diet program. We know that nutrition covers a wide field.  In fact,  some health advocates prefer veganism, some prefer all raw foods and still others feel  an Ayurvedic diet it the "best" practice for health.   They are all good, but the caveat is that certain nutritional paths are good for some but not everyone, and some are good for you, but not all the time.  Here, you can learn the beginning basics of what makes up holistic nutrition.  The more you know, the easier it is for you to tailor your nutrition to coincide for various stages of your life.  READ MORE about HOLISTIC NUTRITION.... 

I truly believe that we are all capable of helping our bodies heal of many health issues; even those that are considered life-threatening. I have seen first-hand the power of an individual to heal of various cancers, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, and more.  It takes discipline and dedication. But first, it takes knowledge that is not yet taught in mainstream schools.

Nutrition and holistic practices are the basis of all health and takes one on a path in which learning about yourself is the ultimate goal. Mind, body and spirit are entwined and as you heal one of these aspects, you heal the others.

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