#11 - Coconuts for Weight Loss and Cancer Prevention

#11 - Coconuts and their oil are full of nutritional benefits. The meat of the coconut is tasty and healthy as well as the milk. I will focus on the oil since it is easy to use in cooking, however keep in mind the milk and "meat" of the coconut also contains the oil.

The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil seem to be the most powerful part of this food. These fatty acids are effective in killing bacteria and virus that are associated with low grade and ongoing infections that are now linked to heart disease. Therefore coconut oil is good for the heart and cardiovascular system.

The same medium chain fatty acids are also shown to increase metabolism, promote weight loss, help to burn harmful fat accumulations, inhibit free radical formation (cancer prevention) and helps digestion.

Coconut oil will not turn to a harmful trans fat when used in cooking. It is one of the safest oils to cook with. You can also find many dishes using coconut milk for an exotic flavor.

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