Green Superfoods to Cleanse

Green superfoods are a highly beneficial addition to any cleansing or health regimen. These are dried, nutritionally dense grasses and herbs such as barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina and chlorella. They are packed with nutrition and high in protein.

How Green Superfoods
Enhance your Cleanse

True health requires your body do two things; break down and eliminate waste and build or regenerate new and healthy cells.

You need high quality nutrition so your body can do both of the above jobs efficiently. It takes extra work for the body to break down built up waste while at the same time continuing its normal every-day digestion and elimination. In addition, as you break down the old, your body will (as it does every day of your life) manufacture new cells to replace them.

It is easiest for your body to use extra nutrition while putting the least burden on your digestion. The green superfoods will help you do this. They are, pound for pound, more nutritionally dense than any other fruit or vegetable. 1 part (i.e. ounce) of a green superfood can have the same nutritional value as 33 parts (i.e. ounce) of broccoli.

These superfoods are best taken as a powder mixed with juice or water. They are usually dried at low temperatures to keep the enzymes active. This means the vitamins, minerals and proteins can be absorbed and utilized by the body more efficiently than other sources, such as animal protein.

Green superfoods also do not contain uric acid in the protein, which is a contributing factor to arthritis, gout and premature aging, among other things.

What About My Vitamin Pill?

Synthetic vitamins (man-made or replicated) are not as beneficial to our bodies as fresh fruits and vegetables, green superfoods or Whole Food Supplements

In fact, some health practitioners say that synthetic vitamin supplements can actually be detrimental to your health. Here's why:

A common vitamin pill is supposed to be taken with food. This is because there needs to be a proper balance of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals in order for you to be able to absorb and use them. This balance is so complicated and there are so many types of nutrients that it could never be replicated in the laboratory. But if you think taking it with food is the answer, read on.

Consider this; vitamin A is manufactured by our bodies from beta-carotene - the thing that makes carrots orange. If you drink too much carrot juice, and your body has enough vitamin A, it will stop transforming the beta-carotene. You will eliminate the unused in your urine.

However, if you take a Vitamin A supplement, and your body has enough vitamin A, the excess vitamin becomes very toxic, even dangerous to your body. The side effects could be headache, nausea and vomiting. Sounds like a drug, right?

Green Superfoods for Health

Final Argument

The above reasons are why many people including health practitioners, naturopaths, and nutritional counselors will utilize a whole food supplement such as the green superfoods into a colon cleansing or healing regimen.

There are many good green superfoods on the market. One of my favorite brands is Vitamineral Green. It is raw, organic and has a good flavor. I also like Miracle greens which can be found in stores, but it doesn't seem as potent so I use this in between cleansing. I also like one that can usually be only found through mail order or the internet. Barley Green is what I used when I was healing from Hep C. It is also potent but the flavor is not very nice.

Of course, these statments have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.