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My Name is Cindy and I am an author and holistic and medical researcher, B.Sci, C.C.T, Holistic Health, Certified Spiritual Counselor and Health Practitioner and teacher with over 30 years experience. Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting.

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4 Uncommon Tips to Improve Digestion


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Free Mini-Course: 4 Science Backed Strategies for Weight Loss


The Core Cleanse Elite Program

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This program is not a diet scheme that you have to keep buying over and over to get results. It’s not a magic pill or supplement. It’s a solid program and plan that you can implement now and feel healthier, lose weight, gain energy, and even feel and look younger in just 28 days.

This program will teach you how to take charge of your health and empower you to avoid the FAKE FOODS and FOOD TECHNOLOGIES that are keeping you unhealthy or stopping you from losing weight. You will learn WHY and HOW to avoid the hidden substances in food to make you addicted to it and make it hard to stop eating it.

And you will learn how to take back your power and undo the DAMAGE that those fake foods have done to you and your body.

This Program comes with:

  • The complete Core Cleanse Training Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Sample Meal Plans
  • Daily Cleanse Guide and Explanations
  • Fill-in-the-blank PDFs to help create and keep track of your program
  • BONUS - Rainbow of Nutrition guide PDF
  • BONUS - 100 Cleansing Recipes PDF filled with easy-to-make recipes that can be adjusted to suit your tastes and needs, added to keep your program interesting!

Core Cleanse Elite Program - Only $97 one time purchase

The Core Cleanse with Coaching

Core Cleasne with Coaching

The Core Cleanse Course with 4 Coaching Sessions:
28 Days to Improved Focus, More Energy and Weight Control

This Course Come With:

40 Course Lessons that are quick and easy to understand, including:

  • Core Cleanse Quick Start Guide pdf
  • Diet and Conscious Eating
  • Diet Deep Dive
  • Core Cleanse Supplements
  • Bodywork, Integrative Therapies for Intestinal Waste Removal
  • What to do Next

You also get:

  • Meal plan downloads
  • Personal Meal Schedules
  • Rainbow of Nutrition and More!...

You also get:

Four 30 minute phone coaching sessions

Core Cleanse with Coaching - Offered for a limited time of only $250

Why These Courses? Why are these so Special?

Over the years, many of my clients were confused as to why I could help them after they tried years of ineffective medical and/or alternative practices. It is because I stick to supporting the body's natural processes to improve physical health, not use herbs or food to do the "work" for you.

I also believe that mental health is greatly affected by the physical aspects of the brain, including the electricity, frequencies and vibrations that affect not only our brainwaves, but literally affect our DNA. This is not new age or esoteric; these things are real and have a profound impact on our mental and physical well-being. 

Many of my clients told me they felt more like students who got to improve their health while learning, and I was their teacher. The reality was, that was my goal. I believe we all have the capacity to take care of ourselves, once we learn the core truths.

I decided to create a series of online courses because I taught hundreds of clients how to take care of their physical health and improve their mental health. Some clients went on to open their own practices, because of what they learned. Many learned to use the knowledge to move on and improve their lives, not needing my services any longer. Ultimately, that was my greatest success.

I hope to empower anyone who wants to learn. The key to success truly is in your mind. Physical health must be in good order so that you can use your mind to the fullest.


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RebelSage is an umbrella name I created to describe my training website.

The Sage archetype stands for one who uses knowledge with research to back it up to teach. Throughout all my books and website information, I have always attempted to identify the research behind what I teach.

The Rebel archetype describes the way I approach life, especially health and nutrition. I don't subscribe to elaborate schemes and drugs of the medical paradigm, nor do I subscribe to the belief that only a "professional" health practitioner can help you get or stay well. This makes me a rebel even among the holistic tribe.

Things don't have to be complicated, and once you understand how the body works (in holistic terms, bypassing the medical jargon and codewords), it becomes easier to decipher how to best support or improve your health.