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4 Science Backed Strategies for Weight Loss, Mini-Course

Why did I create this course? 

Because I realized decadse ago that simply changing your diet doesn't work for most people. Even worse, according to a 2016 study published in the journal Obesity, 14 contestants from the show The Biggest Loser not lonly gained back all the weight they lost, but their leptin and metabolism never rebounded! (1)

Maybe it's time to do things differently. Download this Free Guide and discover which practices will really make a difference.

  • Learn the science behind weight gain
  • Why cravings (or food addictions) aren't your fault
  • The truth behind some "health" foods
  • How modern food technology is harming you

Plus, you'l get 4 Recipes that truly support weight loss, but not by simply restricting calories. You'll get the science why theses very easy recipes work, too.

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This min-course will soon to become part of The Core Cleanse Elite, Weight Loss version, so download it now, while you can!