Colon Cleansing Myths

There are many colon cleansing myths circulating. This happens for a number of reasons. Mainly, it is cultural. It can be fear of the unknown and dirty. This is an area that we only talk about when making jokes.

It is not normal in our society to talk about the colon and the buildup of waste. Then when confronted with constipation, it is isolated to just that area of the body with the belief it will not affect the rest of our organs. I'm guessing you're here because you know better...


One myth is that colon cleansing is fasting. This is only one way to cleanse. However, jumping from eating a normal diet to fasting will not only not be very beneficial, it could be outright dangerous if your are not healthy enough.

The best way to cleanse your body it to alter your eating. Your body will go into cleansing mode if you change your diet for the better. Each person's diet will be slightly different, but the same, get it? LOL, just kidding... here's how it works.

There is a basic diet as explained in the food section of this site. If you eat all processed and junk food now, your body will start the cleansing process by stopping junk food consumption and replacing your meals with fresh, unprocessed food. For example, a meal would be a piece of chicken, one serving of brown basmati rice, a fresh green salad and a cup of lightly steamed veggies.

Now - if the latter, healthy meal was your normal, you have to do more to get your body to start the cleansing process. So, you would cut out the meats and replace with a few more veggies. Get your protein from sprouts and nuts.

If you eat healthy and you're a vegetarian, cut out grains and breads. Or, cut out a meal and replace it with fresh, raw veggie juice. Get it? You analyze your diet now, then alter (tighten) your diet from there.

If your goal is fasting, then tighten your diet first for at least a week. After the week, eat only fresh fruits and veggies (and juices) for four days. Then you should be ready to fast.

Working like this has allowed many people to fast who once claimed they never could. Not only will you feel better, but the "healing crisis" will be less, and you will get far more done.

Colonic Myths

One of the biggest myths is that a colonic will completely clean you out. Since during the colonic only water is administered, it is your body that must react so that you can release the waste. If you eat junk foods, your body is weakened and will either not react, or react adversely causing too much cramping, leakage and embarrasment.

However, if you eat well, even if only for 4 days, your body is healthier and reacts strongly. You will release more waste. If you are taking the fiber and herbal supplements in addition to eating well, your body will release the older buildup that the fiber has helped to soften.

I have heard fear that it will strip your colon. It will no more than drinking a glass of water will strip your esophagus. As for good bacteria, your body will replenish it within 24 hours unless you are extremely malnourished. If this is the case, perhaps you’re not ready for a colonic.

Colonics will stimulate peristalsis, which uses intestinal muscles. When you cause a muscle to work on it’s own, it gets stronger. When you use a stimulant (such as a laxative) you cause the muscle to become dependent on the stimulant in order to work. Water is not a stimulant.

Enemas are not colonics. You can easily get dependent on an enema, as the water can gather in a weak part of your colon, making it weaker.

"Cleansing Supplements are Dangerous" Myth

The herbs are not dangerous. But if you are taking drugs/pharmaceuticals, there could be a reaction between your body, the drugs and the herbs. For example, if you are taking a dosage of drugs, then you take an herb that allows your body to absorb more "nutrients" into your blood, you will also absorb more of the drug which could cause an overdose type of reaction.

Another reason for this bad rap on cleansing products is the bad rap of laxatives. I've said this before and I'll say it again - laxatives are not made to cleanse the body! (Refer to my article Colon Cleanse - Laxative or Not? to learn more.)

Now, there are times during an intensive cleanse when you may need to use a laxative - like during the 7 Day and you're body is moving plaque out. But this should only be used once a day during the time, then you must "wean" off of it.

Using a laxative (even senna) for long periods of time can not only cause dependency, but can dehydrate you and make your digestive system a little weaker. There are many good supplements that understand this and will use cascara sagrada (NOT a laxative - again, read the article) or may use Triphala, both herbs that gently cause the body to work on their own.

I can't think of any more myths at the moment, but believe me they're out there. I'll add it to the newsletter when I come across more.

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