Foods That Cleanse Your Colon

Foods that cleanse your colon can help you lose weight, regain health (like I did from Hep C), look and feel younger longer, and give you more energy and motivation.

There are foods that cleanse and there are foods that do the opposite. They will clog, irritate and even make you feel sick at times. In fact, choosing the wrong foods during a cleanse can stop nutritional supplements from working and even cause stomach pain, cramping and nausea.  To allow your body to function properly, it is best to avoid these harmful foods.

To help your body cleanse, stay away from highly processed foods as well as junk and fast foods.  These contain substances called obesogens that interfere with hormone function, cause weight gain and a myriad of other disease.  In addition, these types of foods often contain hidden sugars and food-additives (mainly man-made chemicals) that get stored in fatty tissues, slow metabolism and even interfere with digestion.   Unfortunately, these types of foods can be highly addictive, so as you remove these from your diet, try replacing them with some of the healthier options listed below.

Fresh vegetable juice and fruit juices are a large part of a colon or body cleanse diet. There is no fiber or pulp that needs to be digested so the vitamins and minerals are quickly absorbed and used by your body. Extra nutrition of fresh made juice strengthens organs, which in turn allows you to cleanse and eliminate more built up waste; creating a healthy, efficient metabolism. The live enzymes of fresh juices help your body heal itself of just about anything, which makes this one of the best foods that cleanse.

If you decide to heal or cleanse with juices, be sure to make it fresh using a good quality juicer (my favorite is the Champion Juicer). Bottled and canned juices do not work the same way as the enzymes are dead.

More Foods That Cleanse your colon

Fruits are easy to digest, making these an excellent choice of foods that cleanse your colon.  If fact, they have long been considered our body's natural cleanser due to the natural fiber and high water content. If you want to lose weight or fat, starting your day with fresh fruit is a healthy step forward. 

Vegetables are foods that cleanse your colon, but can be a little tricky if your digestion isn't ready. Ideally, the best colon cleanse diet will  utilize mostly raw veggies, but if your digestion needs help, start by eating raw veggies in a salad for lunch when your enzymes are at their strongest. Then eat steamed or cooked veggies for evening meal. By working with your body's natural digestive cycle, you can strengthen your digestion. If your digestion is strong, so is your body's ability to cleanse.

raw food diet may be what you're looking for if you would prefer to cleanse for a longer period of time without herbal supplements. This can include both fruits and vegetables and their juices, but may include raw seeds and grains. The raw food route will be more possible by using tools such as a juicer or food dehydrator. This takes some retraining in the kitchen, but if you start slow and learn more, it becomes easier.

Grains such as quinoa, amaranth, wild or basmati rice, and some whole grain sprouted breads may be compatible with a colon cleanse. No pasta are allowed during a cleanse as they will stop your body's natural cleansing process. Keep in mind that all grains will slow your cleansing process, so the more you eat, the slower you'll cleanse. This isn't so bad if you want to limit cleansing side effects.

Cleansing can be tough.  That's why many people aid their body cleanse with home colonics using the Home Colema Board.

Organic food is best used to help your body cleanse.  These are often touted in holistic nutrition circles as foods that cleanse your colon because of the link from pesticides to harmful disease including Parkinson's and various cancers.  Avoiding these allows your body to more easily detox and remove harmful substances that may be stored in your body.

Try to find organic produce when you can, and shopping at local farmer's markets may provide the freshest produce.  Organic rice and other grains are becoming more available, but also watch for GMO's if you are concerned.  If organic is too expensive, at least make yourself aware of the dirty dozen, pesticide laden foods to avoid and the clean 15 that are the foods least likely to hold pesticide residue.

Meat includes all read meat, chicken, turkey and fish. These are not considered foods that cleanse your colon, but you don't have to completely stop eating them right away. Meats can take longer to digest, and is quite a burden when eaten with bread or other grains.

Personal Note from Cindy :  Body cleansing is a practice of following a cleansing diet while eliminating junk foods for a two to three weeks.  Body cleansing supplements help expedite a cleanse, and one of my favs is Herbal Fiberblend  - a wonderful addition of fiber and herbs to support the digestive tract.


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