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Miracle Food Destroys HIV Virus
November 10, 2009

Cleansing Update

Tips to Protect Your Body From All Flus

Let Food be Your Medicine

Miracle Food Helps Detroy Virus

Featured Recipe

Chicken Coconut Curry Soup

Diet and Motivation Tips

Get Spicy and Lose

Professionals' Corner

This following article is taken from the RSS feed. I feel it is extremely important that ALL health care practitioners are aware of this. Over 16 years I have had numerous experience with the negative effects on my clients from soy products. Many times clients came in complaining of painful gastrointestinal issues. My first question would be "do you eat unfermented soy products including soy milk, cheese or tofu?" If the answer was yes, I asked them to stop all of these for the first week of their program. In nearly 100% of the cases the symptoms cleared! This did not mean they were perfect - but we had to clear the painful symptoms before we could even start a cleanse. Please read this article for more info on the misinformation of soy. The Dark Side of Soy

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