Get Spicy With Your Food for Faster Metabolism

Yes, spicy foods really do help raise your metabolism for faster calorie and fat burning. Some can raise your metabolism directly while others are an excellent appetite controller. Using a variety can make sticking to your cleansing or weight loss goals a little easier.

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, a heat-generating compound the stimulates your body's stress hormones which, in turn, boosts metabolism. You can find capsaicin in pill form and in jalepeno and cayenne peppers. Extra benefits of this spice are relieving congestion, fighting cancer and protecting your heart. Capsaicin also helps reduce inner inflammation which can be a contributor to many degenerative diseases.

Ginger is an excellent spicy herb that has been used by many to reduce nausea which is sometimes needed as one embarks on any health program including weight loss and cleansing. It also aids digestion which is an important part of your metabolism and it supports the cardiovascular system by making platelets less sticky.

Peppercorns are excellent when crushed and used on meats and soups. It helps stimulate hydrochloric acid, your main digestive juice to break down protein. Once again, the better your digestion, the stronger and healthier is your metabolism. Peppercorn can help reduce flatulence and bloating while preventing bacterial growth in your intestines.

Use all three for a variety of spices to add in your cooking. It will keep your cleanse interesting and healthy at the same time.

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