Colon and Body Cleansing Facts

Body and colon cleansing facts are not easy to find. Unfortunately, there are many myths about colon cleansing. Some people claim that great miracles have happened because of it. Others say it can kill you! The truth is out there and probably simpler than you think.

  • Doctors will be the first to tell you that no research has proven this or that about cleansing. At the same time they claim that colon cleansing is dangerous – yet there is no research that proves it is. In fact, no research has been done on colon cleansing aside from smaller studies by individual doctors who have gone on to advocate it. The research is then labeled as not “peer-reviewed,” meaning the AMA did not bother look at it or consider it. Therefore it is "out of the scope of normal practice." That's right - if something is not normally practiced by the medical community, doctor's will not look at the new research or even consider it. This is called the "Scope of Practice." It protects them from malpractice suits. It's a wonder how anything new is ever tried.
  • Most cleansing programs are considered crazy or out of the ordinary because of their sales pages or claims. However, many are valid approaches and healthier than drugs. This does not mean all body cleansing products are valid - but herbs and nutrition do help the body's natural cleansing, rebuilding and healing processes.
  • One of the most important colon cleansing facts is that your cleanse must consist of a proper diet. A colon cleanse is meant to assist the bodies’ natural cleansing processes. But this can only take place when the digestive system is not burdened with foods that may sit for up to ten hours.
  • Colon cleansing supplements help assist and expedite a colon cleanse. These usually consist of a fiber to soften built up waste and to attract toxins, while adding herbs for extra nutrition for the organs to work fully.
  • Herbs rarely kill people while people die from drugs, even pharmaceuticals, every day. It is extremely difficult to find statistics of people being hospitalized from herbal use because it is so rare. However you can find that some herbs may interact with drugs/pharmaceuticals. In this case you should talk to the doctor who gave you the prescription. On the other hand, it is estimated by the Journal of the American Medical Association that more than 2 million people have suffered side effects from pharmaceuticals and 106,000 patients die each year by pharmaceutical drugs that are properly prescribed and properly administered. Another entry in the Journal states that in 2005, there were 32,000 deaths attributed to “Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs” and 7,600 deaths from “Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin.” I add this not to bash the medical community but to put the herbal use in perspective.
  • The benefits of colon cleansing may be many. There is no research or studies showing one way or the other. There are only the many people who have testimonials. It is possible to find stories of people who have benefited from cleansing who are actually not selling a supplement. Of course many of the testimonials are on these types of web sites – but then again – where else would they be posted?

I hope these cleansing facts shed some light for anyone looking to try out a colon cleansing program for the first time.

Colon cleansing facts are difficult to come by and many of us must rely on testimonials of other people. If you are looking for the right supplement, there are many good ones to try.

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