Which Body Detox
Works for You?

There are many ways to help your body detox, but which one is for you? - Using a program to help your body detox and cleanse has become more important for many people in modern society; and for good reason.

Environmental pollution and toxins can easily be stored in human adipose tissue (fat cells) and muscle. Research is now proving that smog can lead to cardiovascular disease while other pollutants can lead to cancer.  Other common pollutants include the following.

Perchlorate is a modern, industrial chemical that is consumed through tap water and vegetables watered with tap water, and found in all human blood. Unfortunately, this hidden culprit can cause health issues such as low thyroid, which in turn may lead to unexplained weight gain, fatigue, and hair loss. Perchlorate is also now being associated with cancers and thyroid tumors.

Other toxins include pesticides in foods, chemicals used in food processing (such as bleach), environmental toxins from industrial plants, sprays, cleaners, and so on. These are linked to cancers, hormonal problems, depression, Parkinson's Disease, and more.

Of the few toxins studied, some are linked to not only weight gain, fatigue, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, kidney problems, liver problems, but even more severe health issues such as unexplained cancers.  While we live in a world where we cannot run away from our environment, hope is not lost.

On a brighter note, there are many dietary changes we can make to help ourselves.  Avoiding harmful substances is the first step, by choosing more organic foods, wash produce well, and try to use organic or non-toxic products to clean your home, clothes and body.  The next step is to use everyday practices to help your body cleanse naturally, as it was made to do.

The Many Ways to Help Your Body Detox Naturally

There are numerous techniques available to help your body detox naturally, using holistic nutrition.  The following are some of more traditionally used methods.  Keep in mind that detoxification is not something that is done to the body as much as it is a natural process that is supported by what you do including; food, supplements and even body therapies like massage or a type of exercise.

System Detoxing helps your natural cleansing systems and organs, such as the liver, to repair and rebuild. This is a method of detoxing each bodily system by using specific supplements and practices that help detox the organs involved. Each of your systems have a job of naturally detoxifying your body, but they can become over burdened due to the many types of toxins and waste that can build up.  During a system detox, focus is put on consuming extra nutrition needed by these organs so they can clear themselves and rebuild tissue to become stronger, leaving your body more efficient and healthier than before.

Fasting is a way to help your body detox by abstaining from food for a short period of time. This practice allows the digestion to rest while your enzymes work on breaking down internal waste for removal. There are various ways to fast including (but not limited to) juice fasting and water fasting.  READ MORE

Fruit Detox – This type of detox is helpful for those who have no desire to fast, yet desire to do a serious detox. The skin of the fruit is fiber and helps clear the intestinal tract of debris, while the juice of the fruit is a natural form of vitamin water, supplying important vitamins and other phytonutrients as sustenance. This type of detox may not be beneficial for diabetics.  READ MORE

Mental Detox – In our stress filled, modern life, we all need to take time for a breather and stress relief. A mental detox can be a practice used every day to alleviate or better manage stress. Practices such as breathing, meditation and yoga are all useful techniques that can be used each day. And practice is a perfect name, as one gets better at any of these with daily practice.  READ MORE

total body cleanse means to help your body's natural cleansing processes from top to bottom, inside and out.  As with most health programs, it starts with the right diet of cleansing foods.  Supplements are taken to assist your organs such as the liver, kidneys and even intestinal tract.  Take it a step further and add massage or Endermologie to help move toxins that may be lodged in fatty tissue.

Fasting is an extreme form of doing a body detox.  There are many ways to fast such as; juice fast, water fast, master cleanse or the classic clay/psyllium fast.  Each of these is valid and the best way to decide which one you want to do is to decide what your goals are.  Do you want to remove toxins?  Lose weight?  Or feel more energetic?  How busy are you?  If your work is very stressful then fasting longer than a day or two may not be good for you.  Also, if you have health issues or are on medication, then your fast should probably be supervised by the physician that prescribed your medication.  Keep your lifestyle and your health when you decide to incorporate this extreme of a program.  READ MORE

Elimination Detox Diet – An elimination diet is as it sounds; eliminate foods in a systematic manner. This practice is particularly good for those with allergies as the process involves eliminating a couple of foods each day to see how your body reacts. It is also a very useful tool to help transition from a SAD diet (Standard American Diet of processed foods) to a healthier diet as cleansing side effects are less when changes are made slowly.

Final Thoughts on a Body Detox

Our bodies were made to live long, fully, healthy lives free from disease. Your body is made to cleanse itself and heal itself of anything. But you must help, just as you help your body stay strong by eating the right foods or get fat from eating the wrong foods, a body detox may be another health tool to help you stay strong and active.