6 Healthy Holiday Tips to Keep You Healthy and Prevent Weight Gain

Staying healthy during the holidays is not so easy as we are tempted with party foods that can pack on unwanted pounds.   At the same time, flu season is upon us during this time, making our health even more at risk.  So what can you do to take care of yourself, and still have fun?  

There are some practices that we can incorporate that can help us stay fit as well as remind us to be healthy during the non-party times.  Here are some to try, and remember, your daily practices can greatly contribute to your bank of health and practice makes perfect - even when it comes to diet.

6 Healthy Holiday Tips

Tip #1 - Take a 20 minute walk at least 3 times a week. Alternate one minute of fast with one minute of normal paced walking to burn up to three times as many calories and fat. Studies show that people lost more weight with this type of “interval” walking than average paced walkers.

Tip #2 - Drink warm lemon water throughout the day. Try to find organic lemon juice that contains organic lemon oil, as well. Lemon water is known to provide a high amount of absorbable vitamin C, kills pathogens and bacteria that can lead to colds and flu, helps flush your lymphatic system (which is responsible for removing excess fats) and, contrary to popular belief, turns alkaline, not acidic, in your stomach.

Tip #3 - Take cayenne pepper pills throughout your day. This revs metabolism and stimulates intestinal movement to clear excess waste - which is helpful during this time of year when we consume more calories. It is also known to regulate blood pressure as well as help clearing arterial walls, possibly helping to compensate for extra alcohol consumption (as long as your alcohol consumption isn't going overboard!)

Tip #4 - Take a mild fiber supplement that contains good bacteria. Supplements like this can be found in most health food stores for a reasonable price. The fiber will keep your intestinal tract healthy while the good bacteria not only maintains colon health, but aids your entire immune system.

Tip #5 - Drink fresh-made vegetable juice at least 3-4 times a week. Include veggies such as carrot, celery, beets, ginger, cilantro and garlic. This will provide the nutrition necessary to stay extra strong during cold and flu season. In addition, eating your veggies right now may not sound as appealing with time constraints, extra monetary stress and thus the desire for comfort foods. Having your veggie juice will help you get the vegetable servings you need, which helps curb cravings, stimulate your immune system and keep your energy levels up.

Tip #6 - Lastly, try to not stress too much about anything. As far as dieting and exercise, do something, but don't worry if you slack somewhat. Try to eat healthy, but don't worry if you over eat or eat what you may think are bad foods. Having good health means all things in moderation. Your body works in cycles and there is a time for relaxing and a time for being aggressive to achieve good health. And have fun because laughter is truly one of the better medicines.