What's the Best
Colon Cleanse Program for You?

Best colon cleanse - Digestive health is important to our overall health and well being.  When your digestion is working properly, your metabolism is strong and you feel more energetic.  To aid in resetting digestion, many people use a colon cleanse to help.

But not all colon cleanse programs are the same!

Some can work for you while others fall short. Some programs touted as the best colon cleanse can even harm you. And to add the confusion, skeptics claim you can ignore this part of your body and it will take care of itself! If only....

best colon cleanse

What, Exactly, is a Colon Cleanse

A colon cleanse can have various meanings, depending on who you are talking to or which supplement company is describing it.  But the bottom line is this: it is a program that is intended to help the body, and the intestinal tract in particular, naturally clear built up waste and toxins.

Many people believe the body is meant to cleanse and detoxify all on it's own.  The problem with this thinking is that it assumes our bodies will perform this function, regardless of diet or lifestyle.  Unfortunately, this is just not true.

Our bodies are meant to stabilize at a healthy weight, while digestion and metabolism both aid in maintenance to help keep us there.  But if we consume too much of the "wrong" foods, it is well documented that our bodies will not digest the excess nor eliminate it, resulting in weight gain and poor health. We must eat the right foods to maintain a healthy weight.

All of our bodily systems work the same way.  Simply put, our bodies need the right nutritional support to function properly; systems and organs that cleanse and detoxify are no exception.  Just like maintaining healthy weight, or eating a certain way to regain health when we get sick, we have to help support our cleansing organs and systems with the best nutrition to keep it running with efficiency.

The Price You Pay for Not Paying Attention

A healthy body continusously works to clear waste and toxins. This involves a myriad of bodily functions that many people don't care to discuss such as; sweating, urinating and bowel movements. But not all cleansing functions are unseemly or even obvious.

Breathing is a form of cleansing, as our lungs exchange a waste gas from metabolism (carbon dioxide) for fresh oxygen. We are told to not smoke to avoid intaking more toxins or pollutants. The World Health Organization estimates around 4.6 million people die of air pollution every year. (1)  While we may not have a lot of control over breathing pollution, we can choose to not smoke to keep our lungs healthy. We can practice deep breathing to allow residual waste to leave and bring in more fresh, clean air.

Our kidneys remove waste as urine while filtering the blood, which is a form of detoxification. Kidneys can be negatively impacted due to health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney stones. According to the National Kidney Foundation (2), salt, too many medications, excess meat and not drinking enough water all have a negative impact on the kidneys.

These are two examples of important organs being affected by our environment and to prove my point that we do have some control over our organs and systems and that these systems are negatively impacted by external sources. What we eat, drink, or otherwise consume will not be isolated to one organ or system, but will impact our entire bodies.

Using various foods and supplements that are typical of a colon cleanse program can also have an impact. For example, fiber is well known to reduce the risk of colon cancer. The herb milk thistle,which is often used in many of the best colon cleanse supplements, is effective in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. (3).

And according to researchers at Second University of Naples, sylymarin, a milk thistle extract used in some excellent colon cleanse programs, is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic used to treat a few different liver disorders.

Not All Colon Cleanse Programs are the Same

A colon cleanse is a program geared to clearing waste in the digestive tract. But, it should be noted that a water or juice fast will not accomplish the same thing. Colon cleanse supplements that use oxygen are in reality magnesium, which works as a laxative. While all fasting and magnesium may feel effective and have their own uses, they are not long term solutions that can remove waste from years of intestinal buildup.

Built up waste in the intestinal tract take weeks to eliminate. Leftover proteins, fats, and other debris are known to remain in the intestinal tract for years. While the medical community may be slow to recognize this, hundreds of thousands of testimonies of people using colon cleansing supplements share their stories all over the internet.

The problem with the internal waste buildup is that it seems to create a hard, rubber like layer in the intestinal tract; just like arterial plaque builds up as blood continuously flows, regular bowel movements do not ensure our digestive tract is clear. But, using a certain way of eating along with colon cleansing supplements (which include fiber) can slowly help soften it for easier removal.

According to Harvard Health, a person can change their lifestyle to help reduce arterial plaque buildup - but it takes time and intense changes. The same can be said for the intestinal waste build up; it takes intensive change (with a colon cleanse) and time.


There are many types of colon cleanse programs and what is best for you may not be for someone else. We all have different needs because of body type, health and lifestyle background and current health. And to top it off, each time you cleanse will be slightly different and you may have different goals or health concerns throughout your life, resulting in slight variations of what colon cleanse program will work for you.

With that being said, we can agree to one similarity for all of us; the triad of diet, supplements and body work apply to most healthy programs. But since each of us has individual health concerns, it is possible to tailor a colon cleanse program that will suit you. Here are some examples:

  • If your goal is to lose weight, a colon cleanse can help you lose weight. But, just like any other program, you have to follow the eating plan to get results. A healthy cleansing diet along with the right colon cleanse supplements can help remove waste, and this waste does add pounds.

  • If your goal is clearer skin, you might want to consider a colon cleanse followed by an intestinal parasites cleanse. While it was once thought that parasite infections were third world problems, the CDC finally recognized in 2014 that possibly millions of people are affected, but most go undiagnosed, creating a host of health issues from an inability to lose weight to serious health issues like seizures.

  • If you are vegetarian or vegan, you could try a colon cleanse with raw food. A raw food cleanse consists of fruits, veggies, grains and juices. These are great for resetting digestion and clearing waste from the digestive tract, especially if tofu has been part of your diet.

The following is a list of some variations of a colon cleanse that can help you get started. The 4 Week Colon Cleanse is the most general and is a good beginning cleanse for those who have never done this type of program.

Best Colon Cleanse Programs

4 Week Colon Cleanse 
This program is an excellent general cleanse; the best colon cleanse for first timers. It uses a 4 week format to work towards the ultimate cleanse diet of raw fruits and veggies or even go on the the 7 Day Cleanse. Here you will find the best foods to implement, guidelines to follow during your four weeks and a sample cleanse to follow.

Colon Cleanse with Clay 
Learn why anyone would use clay in their cleanse program. This is the best colon cleanse for those who want to remove environmental toxins, and some people like to use bentonite clay for deeper cleansing. It is not absorbed into the intestines, but instead softens waste and attracts toxins making them easier for your body to remove. This type of colon cleanse is intensive so requires more diligence while doing it.

Whole Body Cleanse Program  - Learn how to begin a complete colon and body cleanse program that can help you lose weight, get healthy or reach other health goals.  This it the best colon cleanse information so you get the basics on what to do and when so you can jump start your health goals.

Weight Loss Cleanse - The best colon cleanse for weight loss, but how is a weight loss cleanse different from just dieting?  Learn why dieting alone doesn't always work and get tips you can use every day to help your body cleanse.  Then find other articles with more details on how you can make weight loss easier and healthier with this type of cleanse.

Raw Food Cleanse - Ever wanted to try a raw food cleanse but didn't know where to start?  This article will help guide you with raw food basics, a sample day and even a couple of delicious recipes to get you started. Often when people try a raw food program, they become more energetic. All this extra vibrance can help motivate you to resume projects you set aside, choose to exercise again (or differently) and put learn new recipes to keep the excitement going. Have fun getting healthy! 

Intestinal Worms Cleanse - Maybe not the most glamorous of the best colon cleanse programs, but a necessary one for most.  These buggers could be behind illness, weight gain (and difficulty losing it!), and even skin and hair problems.  As the CDC finally admits, parasitic infections are a lot more common than previously thought.

Fasting  - This seems like a "fast" and easy way to help your body or colon cleanse, but it will not help to fully and safely cleanse your colon if you don't plan. Learning how to get ready for a fast will help you get all the benefits for your hard work! Find out why and how to do it right.

Blood Parasites Cleanse - Often a hidden cause of disease, obesity and even anorexia, find out what you can do to cleanse your body for prevention and health. This is different than the intestinal parasites cleanse as it is geared more to the blood and lymph. This may be done with a colon cleanse, but is often best done after the colon cleanse is complete.

Gall Bladder Cleanse and Liver Cleanse  -  These cleanses include overnight cleanse/flush recipes that are said to clear stones or other waste from the gallbladder and liver.  Proceed with caution, though, this is not to be substitued for a colon cleanse, but best done after the cleanse so your intestinal tract is clear enough to allow toxins and waste to leave.

Artery and Blood Cleanse  - Many people are opting to be proactive when it comes to arterial plaque buildup. A little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to health. As one doctor put it, the yellow globs that surgeons pull out of clogged arteries is always called saturated fat, never crushed broccoli. This type of program can teach you how to help your body naturally break down or prevent this type of plaque buildup.

Find Your Best Cleansing Diet - Learn how to do-it-yourself; create a cleansing diet to work with your lifestyle and goals.


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