Natural Anti-Aging Techniques 

Natural anti-aging does work - and the proof is all around.  While working at a holistic health center in the Los Angeles area, I couldn't help but notice those who followed holistic health practices like holistic nutrition, body cleansing, exercise, along with a positive attitude always looked youthful, had glowing skin and seemed younger than their years.

They were my first proof that how we age is not entirely based on genetics, but very much has to do with environmental conditions that we can control.  I took notice and did my best to do the same, and it has paid off.  Now in my 50's, I have overcome major diseases, still exercise daily, and enjoy great health, energy and vigor.

According to the National Institutes of Health, as we age we do not absorb nutrition the way we did when younger. This leads to sagging skin, muscle atrophy, dry, wrinkly skin, lack of energy and degenerative disease.  This may not be due merely to age, but to long-term, low level issues of the digestive tract, often corrected by nutritional cleansing.

Another theory is the Free Radical Theory of Aging, which states that free radicals and environmental toxins accelerate the aging process. Over time, the accumulation of free radicals, from internal and external sources, damage our cells and in turn expedite the aging process.  Use cleansing to reduce the free radicals as a first step in your natural anti-aging routine.

Regardless of the cause, We all have the power to age beautifully, maintain healthy, glowing skin, gain bountiful energy and remain youthful, and stay or become disease-free.

Natural Anti-Aging Tips

The Tip:  Your first natural anti-aging tool should include holistic nutrition to  help your body stay young, because the right nutrients help your body manufacture collagen, regenerate skin cells and hair, and even keeps your immune system strong.  

The Fix:  Include more fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Eat less meat or try eating vegetarian meals a few days per week. Be sure to drink plenty of fresh spring water.

The Tip:  Free radicals can ravage our cells and make us look and feel older than your years.  Cleansing and detoxification is a natural process inherent in our bodies, but just as any other function it can be supported by our diet and lifestyle.

The Fix:  Help your body cleanse so it can more easily remove free radicals. The right cleansing supplements, such as fibers, essential fatty acids, capsaicin and green superfoods like barley and wheat grass. These can help lessen your risk for disease that is commonly associated with age including such as; arthritis, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

The Tip:  Protein helps muscle tissue stay strong and keeps it from atrophy.  But as we get older, we tend to eat less while at the same time our digestion may become sluggish.

The Fix:  A daily protein supplement may be beneficial and a Raw, Organic Protein may be easiest on digestion.  Also, eating plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables helps maintain health and may help strengthen your immune system.

The Tip:  As we get older and digestion grows less efficient, we must find creative ways to consume what we need to keep our body youthful and strong.

The Fix:  Drink fresh vegetable juice to add high-quality nutrition and supply live enzymes needed to keep your body functioning like when you were young. Vegetable juice is easily assimilated and all the nutrients are used where your body needs it.   Using a good quality juicer helps you get more juice from your produce.

The Tip: While what we consume is important for healthy, glowing skin, what we put on our skin counts too.  While some topical creams may help - the wrong ones can actually age your skin quicker due to chemicals that may cause adverse reactions.

The Fix: Use organic and natural skin care products. A spritz of mineral water and/or rosewater will add topical nourishment. Follow this with a moisturizer that include DMAE or Ester C for plumping and a healthier tone.

The Tip:  Exercise is one of the most well-known and researched ways to stay youthful in body, mind and soul.  In fact, certain exercise helps move waste like toxins and fat out of your body.  It helps strengthen immunity, keep bones strong, and stimulates metabolism.

The Fix: Exercise according to what you feel works best.  You may have to try a few before something feels "right," however.  Some feel weight training is best while others enjoy walking.  Rebounding is lesser known exercise that can be fun and keep us young.  (This is one of my favs as I have used it to feel more toned on the 'inside', especially after my second child. I still jump on a near-daily basis to keep my entire body in shape from immune system to even facial muscles.)

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