Anti Aging Exercise
Stay Younger for Longer

Anti aging exercise is one of the best and healthiest ways to stay young. Some of the side-effects of aging are saggy muscle tone, stiffness, soreness, achy joints, double chin and the most noticeable, sagging facial muscles.

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Fortunately, exercise is one of the best known anti aging tools to combat muscle loss, and for good reason. The right exercise will give you energy instead of taking it and can keep your body looking and feeling great. In addition to creating and maintaining lean muscle mass, regular exercise can also reduce inflammation, which is a major contributor to heart disease. Exercise is also great for mental health and is known to keep you sharp while warding off depression and decreased mental function.

Weight training is a highly effective anti aging exercise and the best way to keep muscles toned as well as build bone density. The important things to remember with weight training are that you can probably lift more than you thought and good form is essential to prevent injury. If you have never worked with weights, hire a qualified trainer to get you started. They can make sure you have proper form, such as keeping your knees stay lined up with your femur to prevent injury, and they will monitor your workout to ensure you are lifting as much as necessary to achieve the results you want.

Cardio exercise is important to keep your heart and lungs healthy as well as keep your blood and lymphatic system moving.  This effective anti aging exercise keeps your heart rate up which in turn  keep your systems clear of waste, which can accumulate over the years.  Some of the lighter exercise include walking, swimming or bike riding.

Even if you train with weights, be sure to include this type of exercise to keep a mild raise in heart rate for a period of time; the American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes per week.  As we age, our circulation slows as does other bodily functions.  Movement is known to keep all our fluids on the move, so use these types of exercise to keep your blood moving efficiently.  In turn, your blood will continue to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, including to your brain, where more is often needed to keep us sharp.

While riding a bike or using a treadmill may be cardiovascular exercise that is easy on the knees, also try dance, kickboxing, or other aerobic dance classes. These types of exercise engage your brain along with your body, since you have to memorize moves and coordinate them to put it together, so not only do you build muscle, but you improve, too.  This ensures you have a great anti aging exercise for your body and your mind.

Yoga will keep you flexible and youthful. Millions of people have used this type of exercise to remain strong and keep their muscles beautifully shaped. While it is a fact that stress ages us, yoga is a natural exercise that will help you remain relaxed while you meditate and sculpt your body at the same time.

Anti Aging Exercise; a New Approach

Facial Exercise works. Your face, especially the part that sags, is made up of facial muscles. These muscles respond to exercise just like any other muscle in your body. I use these and the ten to twenty minutes a day I spend on them is more than worth the cost I paid for the book to learn them.

Rebounder Exercise requires a purchase of a mini trampoline, designed specifically for daily exercise. The results and fun is well worth the time and effort as it helps tone every muscle in your body (this includes muscles that support your internal organs and face), improves circulation and even stimulates your immune system. If you have periods when you just don't feel like exercising, jumping on a trampoline may be your answer because it's just plain fun.

Infrared Saunas may not seem like exercise, but it does mildly increase heart rate and circulation while helping your body and skin detoxify and cleanse. Many have used it as part of their health routines to keep their skin glowing, reduce stress and remove internal waste that can cause premature aging. The proven health benefits are relief of chronic pain, normalizing blood pressure and treating congestive heart failure.