Full Body Cleanse

Can Help With Health, Weight Loss and  Anti-Aging

A full body cleanse was and still is my focus when it comes to educating and helping my clients.  When done correctly, cleansing your body can help clear the toxins that lead to premature aging, ill health and even weight gain.

As anyone in the medical community is quick to remind; your body is designed to detox and cleanse itself.  It has organs in place to do this on a daily basis.

What they don't tell you is that your body also can become overburdened with toxins due to pollution, the numerous food additives, pesticide residues, flavor enhancers, and the list goes on. 

This doesn't even touch the toxins your body makes just to function each day, or parasitic infections that can make it nearly impossible to heal from illness or lose weight; and are more common than most people want to think about.

A full body cleanse can be a powerful way to help your body eliminate the buildup of toxins or if you cleanse regularly, can help your body not store excess waste/toxin in the first place.

Full Body Cleanse Diet

Your diet is central to doing a full body cleanse.  The diet for cleansing is lighter and easier to digest than what one would normally eat.

A lighter diet aids digestion by allowing it to "reset" itself (in a way).  As you eat lighter, you body and digestive enzymes will put more focus on clearing away old, built up waste.

This clearing of the digestive tract, including the small intestine, is a natural cleansing process your body is designed to do.  Since most of us are not aware of this process, we never make an effort to eat in order to support this process.

Some Simple Diet Guidelines for a Full Body Cleanse include;

  • Cut out all processed foods including; breads, rice, desserts, frozen meals, cereals, etc.
  • Cut out all white flour and foods containing white flour
  • Eliminate pasta, white rice, and all grains that are processed leaving only whole grains that are more alkaline (quinoa, amaranth, millet)
  • Eliminate Milk and Milk products
  • Eat mainly fresh fruits and mainly organic vegetables
  • Eat as much raw produce during the day to replace cooked foods
  • Drink water throughout the day to help flush the toxins are they are being removed by your body
  • Drink daily fresh, organic vegetable juice for strength, if you have access to them

Full Body Cleanse Supplements

I believe supplements are an important part of doing a full body cleanse.  In my experience, it does help the cleanse go quicker because the dietary fiber helps dissolve built up waste so your body can remove it easier.  Your body can do this, eventually, but many of us have a difficult time staying on a program as long as would be required to do this without the extra help.

Of course this depends on the quality of the supplement.  If in "pill" form, often the pill does not dissolve in the digestive tract, rendering it useless to your body.  (I've had this happen with fiber pills - not capsules.)

The supplement also needs to be high quality.  This means enough of it is sold so the product doesn't sit on the shelf too long; and not overly mass produced because these types may be manufactured months or even years before it gets to the store shelves.  And, as history has shown us, some of the well recognized, but cheaply made herbal supplements contain fillers that render the product useless.

Stick with products that are known to get results.  I find that products that may be more difficult to get because I have to order them online or actually go to a "health food store" always have better quality; and that doesn't mean the highest price.

Extra Techniques to Expedite Your Cleanse

Sometimes extra techniques can make your full body cleanse more enjoyable or even ward off the "side effects" of detoxification.

Certain types of body work literally help move waste out of your body.  This could be done through sweating or manually moving waste through your lymph via massage.

Sometimes these techniques work better than waiting for your body to move out the built up waste on its own.  As toxins are dislodged and moved to your various organs for removal like the liver, kidneys and even blood, the extra burden can make you feel nauseous or fatigued. 

Helping your body clear the waste quicker may help alleviate these symptoms.  Here are just some techniques;

  • Dry Skin Brushing once a day is an effective yet inexpensive way to help your skin clear toxins. Your skin is the largest organ of detoxification. Daily oils and external pollution build up on your skin's surface while your body is trying to push toxins out. This can lead to dull looking, blemished or even dry skin. Daily brushing is more effective than a lufa or scrub as it removes dead, sticky surface cells and stimulates blood flow which in turn gives you a healthier glow. The stimulation also causes your body to manufacture more collagen.
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy helps circulation throughout your entire body without dangerously raising heartbeat or blood pressure. Increased circulation carries more oxygen throughout your body while allowing more toxins to be carried out. This helps your full body cleanse by moving and bringing toxins to the elimination organs like the colon.
  • Endermologie is an FDA approved cellulite therapy that pushes toxins and fluids out of the fatty areas. At the same time it brings more blood to the area causing the body to compensate over time by creating more capillaries. This creates an environment where toxins and fats are more easily moved out having less chance to store. This gives your skin a healthier color and more toned look.
  • Rebounding is an effective and fun exercise that "massages" every cell of the body, reduces body fat, firms your legs, thighs, arms, and stimulates metabolism. It is performed by jumping on a trampoline designed for exercise and works best for a full body cleanse. Rebounding stimulates circulation of the blood and the lymphatic system, which is responsible for causing waste to leave and not store. Nice side effects are toned muscles all over including facial which can create a type of "face-lift."
  • A Chi Machine is an excellent passive exercise used that also moves the lymphatic system. It moves your body in a figure 8 while the feet are slightly elevated. This can help move blood and the lymphatic fluid while at the same time loosening up and relaxing your spine and surrounding muscles. This can help mobilize toxins to help move them out of the body.

These add-ons help make your detoxification program more enjoyable and effective. If you don't have the time or the money to go to a health center or spa for these treatments, consider the home units which are just as effective - or can be more effective since you have daily access to them.

Learn more about how to cleanse. Many have used this information to take charge of their own health to lose weight, stay younger, healthier, more vibrant and more youthful.

Full Body Cleanse at Home

  1. Purchase a home cleanse supplement such as Herbal Fiberblend
  2. Follow a healthy diet like I write about in The SpringClean Cleanse, cleanse guide; this guide is designed to help you cleanse to reach your personal goals.
  3. Use colon hydrotherapy to help your body become more efficient.  If colonics are unavailable or too expensive, try a home Colema Board.