6 Surprising Benefits of Whole Body Cleansing

Benefits of Whole Body Cleansing - Cleansing is an important part of a modern health regimen, as we become more aware of the side effects of living in an industrial society.  

Even though our bodies have the ability to detoxify, it is important to keep in mind that we still have to support the process.

Cleansing for a Healthy Lifestyle

As benefits of whole body cleansing become more mainstream, the reasons why people cleanse vary.  The most common reasons are to reset digestion and to "get the toxins out."  But, what exactly does this mean?

Toxins cover a wide variety of substances from environmental pollutants to excess protein/mucus waste buildup in the digestive tract.  Toxins could also be metabolic in nature, meaning they are byproducts of internal, chemical reactions such as digestion and respiration.

The benefits of whole body cleansing are mainly support for your body's systems that remove this waste, naturally.  But there are more benefits than simply removing toxins.  Check out some of the more popular.

Benefits of Whole Body Cleansing

Weight loss is one of the most common benefits of whole body cleansing, mainly due to a clean, wholesome diet used during a cleanse program.  This includes eliminating foods with empty calories, and a general healthier lifestyle.

The old way to lose weight was to count calories and try to eat less calories than we use each day. Now we know that we need to pay attention more to where our calories come from.  It is important to feed our bodies the right nutrition to stay lean and healthy as opposed to eating food that stores excess waste, fat and toxins.

Stress Management is an often reported side effect of body cleansing, and there may be some science behind this. For example, eating foods that contain high amounts of sugar (hidden or not) can cause you to feel amped due to a quick rise in blood sugar, then tired or cranky as your blood sugar quickly drops.  Ups and downs like this can cause us to overreact to a situation, thus creating more internal stress.

Worse yet, a study published in “Injury Prevention” has found a link between sugar filled sodas and violence. (1)  Other research shows that stress can cause you to hold to to higher amounts of sodium, affecting blood pressure and heart health; and fried foods contribute to this by adding huge amounts of sodium to your diet, so this stress effect is amplified.  

More problems can arise as evidence shows that your gut (intestinal) health greatly influences your mindset by creating an exaggerated stress response. (2)  It is interesting to note that one of the most reported side effects of people who use body cleanse programs is less stress and a happier outlook on life.

Clearer and fresher skin is another one of the benefits of whole body cleansing.  This pleasant side-effect seems to be prevalent in most holistic health programs, but more so after cleansing your body. 

This may be because the skin is an organ of elimination and helping your internal organs work more efficiently can take the stress off your skin.  Other reasons may include consuming more nutrients such as vitamins C and A through healthy foods, which contribute to collagen production and glowing complexion.

Anti Aging is a benefit of body cleansing. Since many toxins are related to disease, helping your body eliminate these toxins can help your body avoid disease. Free radicals are often linked to premature aging of the skin, so helping your body more easily neutralize them can save your skin.  In addition, as you clear the waste your body can absorb more nutrition.  Therefore, whole body cleansing can help slow the aging process.

More energy is a side effect commonly associated with whole body cleansing.  Help your body cleanse gets rid of waste that can make you feel sluggish and heavy.  While your body can naturally remove waste, if there is too much it simply becomes overburdened and sluggish.  Taking the right supplements and eating the right foods helps your body do this job more easily.

Degenerative disease is not often associated with illness and often thought of as something we cannot control.  We are led to believe that it is either genetic or just an unfortunate circumstance that has happened.  Lucky for us, neither of these is true.

Degenerative disease is named because of the long period of time it takes for the wearing down or deterioration of bodily organs.  This may be due to our environment and what we eat (or do not eat). Some of commonly known diseases of this type include; heart disease, cancers, diabetes, osteoarthritis, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and atherosclerosis.  Many of these types of diseases are known to include lifestyle as a risk factor; diet, exercise, smoking, etc.

While each disease is worthy of a discussion all its own, many are preventable and controllable.  Substances described above are linked to various degenerative diseases, therefore, helping your body detox may assist in helping the body remove these culprits. Our health is in our control, especially when lifestyle choices that affect our health are within reach.  Taking care of your body through a wholesome, healthy diet may be your first and best step to true prevention.

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