The SpringClean Body Cleanse Program

Why would anyone do a body cleanse or colon cleanse? The personal reasons vary, mainly depending upon individual health issues. Some of the main goals of a body cleanse include; to lose weight, re-energize to feel motivated, happy, more easily deal with stress and reset appetite controls. Many reasons to cleanse the body are the same as switching to a healthier lifestyle to; avoid a heart attack, ward off heart disease, less risk of cancer, or anti-aging the body.

Many in the medical community claim we don't need a body cleanse; that our bodies clear waste and toxins without help. In reality, if this were true there would be no obesity, since extra weight is unnecessary, therefore it would be cleared away.

There are also claims of sensationalism that simply drinking a "lemonade" drink or taking pills will work.  Unfortunately not only are they wrong - but some of these practices are dangerous.

On the third side is the middle ground of body and colon cleansing. Just as diet helps you shed extra pounds, you can take that extra step with the right nutrition to support (or help) your body's natural cleansing abilities.

Some benefits that many feel are due to body cleansing include:

  • Youthful, glowing skin
  • More energy
  • Weight loss
  • Flatter stomach
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Improved sleep
  • Look and feel younger
  • Lower medical bills
  • Be in charge of your own health - do not let the medical industry control you, your money or ruin your credit with expensive surgeries

But you have to do the work to get the results. Taking pills and following a pamphlet may work for a few people - but we all have unique health issues.

Some people need to regain health while others need more nutrition for healthier skin and hair. You have to know what will work for you so you don't waste your money.

While it is true that we have organs to help us detoxify and cleanse, it is also true that we must be pro-active and help our bodies with this process.

Some might consider the following reasons to be "proof" that our bodies need help...

  • If your body could cleanse anything out that it doesn't need - then you could overeat and not gain weight. Your body would just "cleanse" it out, because you do not need all those calories.

  • If your body didn't need help, it would cleanse bacteria, virus and parasites that enter your body. But we know this isn't true because millions of people take dangerous drugs to combat them!

  • If your body could cleanse without help, no one would get constipated, which is not a "special" problem. It is a matter of the body being overloaded with waste.

  • People get hospitalized with "septic toxemia," meaning their blood is so toxic they must be hospitalized. I have seen this in women as young as 30 years of age.

  • Some people get so toxic that fluid backs up, fills in the abdominal cavities and causes an extended or bloated stomach. This is all too common in our society; so common it has its own nick name - the beer belly. When this backed up waste becomes too much for the body to handle, the infected person may become so sick they must go to the hospital and have their stomach "tapped," which means a large needle is inserted in the side of the abdomen and this toxic fluid is sucked out. This is more common than you might think.

  • Many health issues are linked to harmful chemicals in our environment that our bodies are not able to detoxify on its own, such as perchlorate and its dulling effect on the thyroid or mesothelioma (cancer) and its link to asbestos.

  • If pesticides weren't harmful to us, then farmers wouldn't be required to wear protective gear when working with them. These chemicals would not have warning labels and they would be legal in all countries.

You can learn to take charge of your health. You know that you are being proactive, which brings less worry. You can learn how to lose weight but moderate. Many have found new healing powers as they realized their bodies were stronger than they ever realized.

"Cleansing is the missing link to health..." Dr. Leonard Klepp, M.D. American College for the Advancement of Medicine

Many have found that as they cleansed, their bodies did what it is supposed to do, heal itself and stay healthy.

Your Body is Designed to Survive

Your body has the ability and power to heal itself from disease, to stay younger feeling and younger looking longer than most think, and has the ability to protect itself from life-threatening illness.

But it cannot do these things when toxic, built-up waste is in the way.

Your body is always in survival mode; it is designed to survive. If your body must store waste because it cannot metabolize it, then it will store it until you are strong enough to release (cleanse or detoxify) it. But how does your body become strong enough?

The right diet and quite often nutritional supplements. These supplements fill out our diets with the extra nutrients that may be lost from our food due to processing, cooking or even pesticide use. Extra fiber may be needed as well as healthy proteins, amino acids or certain vitamins and minerals. Learning how to use nutrition to your advantage can help your body cleanse, naturally.

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