Lose Weight With Cantaloupe

If you already eat a healthy diet, cantaloupe can be a simple addition to help you lose weight.  If your diet needs tweaking, this food may help you add a nutritious and filling food that can help curb that sweet tooth while helping you avoid foods that are just no good.

Cantaloupe can help you lose a few pounds due to its wonderful nutritional components made of plant enzymes and other nutrients that contribute to a beautiful and healthy body.  It's easy, if you enjoy this melon.

Try starting each day with a cup of fresh cantaloupe on an empty stomach. Research has found that eating a cup daily can help shed body fat and weight - up to 12 pounds in 12 weeks without doing anything else different.  Of course if you are on a healthy eating plan already, the benefits may be more than you bargain for.

If you are on a body cleansing or other type of nutritional healing or reset program, you may enjoy the  many other benefits that cantaloupe has to offer.  

Cantaloupe is high in both Vitamins C and A, which contribute to skin's healthy glow.  Vitamin C has the added benefit of helping your body create collagen, that substance that gives your skin elasticity to keep it youthful and strong.  Vitamins A and C also contribute to eye health, which can help reduce the risk of age-related diseases later in life.  The one cup serving provides 100% of the daily recommended amount needed, too!

Cantaloupe contains SOD, otherwise known as superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that may help your body fight cancer while helping to remove bad, or sticky cholesterol that can clog arteries. This is the same enzyme that dark green superfoods contain, and help boost your liver's ability to detoxify harmful toxins.

The malic acid found in cantaloupe helps your body shed dangerous belly fat. In addition, eating a cup a day of this delicious fruit can help suppress your appetite, making it easier to stay on track with your cleanse.

Cantaloupe is one fruit that is shown to be helpful in regulating blood sugar and improving insulin metabolism (in animal studies).  These same studies show that this melon can improve insulin resistance, making it a possible helpful food for those with diabetes.

And lastly, cantaloupe's many phytonutrients are highly anti-inflammatory, warding off internal inflammation in joints and muscles.  This is important as internal inflammation is linked to cardiovascular disease and arthritis.

Add this fruit to your daily health plan and reap the benefits.  But, of course, if you have health issues check with your doctor or nutritionist first, especially if you are on medications.