Chi Machine; Health for Lymphatic Drainage

Chi is the life force that flows through everything.  Vitally important to healthy living, a "chi machine" was developed by Japanese Engineer, Keiichi Ohashi, in 1988.  He believed that for life energy to flow, our internal systems that keep us alive and feeling well must match.

Lymphatic drainage is important when cleansing. As you take herbs and eat a cleansing diet, stored toxins are released into the body. Your body naturally sends these to the lymphatic system for transporting these toxins out of the body. Knowing this, it is imperative to ensure your lymphatic system is moving efficiently.

Chi Machine and Effects on Your Lymphatic System

Lymphatic drainage is important when cleansing.  Another name for this system is the "white circulatory system."  The channels of the lymph flow throughout your body, like your "regular" circulatory system; but instead of red blood cells this system if responsible for collecting and removing waste.

If we don't pay attention, the lymph fluid can become thicker and even crystallize in areas.  As waste continues to accumulate and the lymph becomes sluggish, health issues may arise.  Unfortunately, the medical community only recognizes and treats disease, such as lymphoma or lymphedema, when it's already too late.

But holistic health is used as a preventative measure to circumvent health issues, when possible.  Even though disease is treated by the medical community, there are symptoms of health issues that indicate the lymph may not be functioning at full capacity.  Some of these indications may be bloat, chronic fatigue, skin condition or arthritis, just to name a few.

When the lymph doesn't move as it should, we start storing toxins and fat and toxins in and around our excess fat. As this process is allowed to go on, the excess fat and fluids can cut off oxygen to the same areas, causing less blood to the area.

This can become a vicious cycle. In some cases, cellulite is created. Most of the time, we attribute these processes to age instead of what it is: unhealthy lifestyles due to a build-up of toxins over time.

Paying attention to the signs of a sluggish lymphatic system can be a prompt for you to be proactive, warding off health issues before they arise.

What You Can do at Home

As with most holistic healing paths, helping your lymphatic system begins with a healthy, whole diet.  This allows your body more freedom to clear waste, naturally, because a wholesome diet doesn't add toxins such as chemical pesticides or byproducts of processing.

Herbs and teas can be taken to ensure your body has the nutrition it needs to maintain the process of creating white blood cells (to kill infection) and to keep all bodily fluids water and not overly thick or sticky.

As you take herbs and eat a cleansing diet, your body is more free to naturally remove stored toxins, which are sent to the lymphatic system for transporting them out of the body.  This action requires that your lymphatic system is moving efficiently.

Manual lymphatic drainage can help, too. Lymphatic massage is becoming more common to find in spas and even some medical offices.  One example is the use of Endermologie; an FDA approved machine to push out intersticial fluids to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Even though lymph is not mentioned, deep massage such as this can have an effect on all of our systems, including the lymph.

Chi Machine is another way to accomplish lymphatic drainage at home at a reasonable price.  A researcher from the Department of Surgery and Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic, School of Medicine, Bedford Park, South Australia, Australia, published a report in PubMed showing that a chi machine, "is an effective adjunct therapy that can be used in the patient's own home." (PubMed Lymphology, 2004 June)

While one machine was tested, there are more available to choose from.  They work by creating a flow through the body and up the spine, to help bring oxygen into the entire body by increasing blood flow.

As one uses it, the spine and other muscles loosen up and open up which allows more blood to flow in. As the blood flow increases, so does the oxygen intake, as blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body.

Some doctors around the world have studied the chi machine on post-surgery patients and have found fluid build-up in the legs to lessen and even proof of increased lymphatic transport.

It is considered a "passive, aerobic exercise," therefore one must gradually work their way up to using this machine.  If you decide to try - start at just five minutes per day and work your way up. The cost is a small investment compared to the investment of a regular spa massage.

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