Dangers of Colon Cleansing

Are there really dangers of colon cleansing or are these just myths?  Health advocates have been cleansing without incident for centuries; so maybe something else is happening.

In an article entitled, "'Cleansing' Diets May Be Worthless, Dangerous," published on the Fox News Website, September 20, 2007, it is stated that the woman profiled in the article did the "Master Cleanse" for 10 days. They go on to say that she was healthy but had horrible side effects from headache to nausea to looking like skin and bones from losing too much weight.

For those who "get" holistic health practices, it is understood that the side effects such as headache and nausea are merely cleansing effects that can happen not only during a body or colon cleanse, but also during any weight loss program or simply refraining from coffee after drinking it for ten years. 

While most people know that abstaining from coffee may cause headaches due to the body "detoxing" the drug, caffeine, it not so common knowledge of why a simple diet may cause this.  Sadly, diets can cause similar side effects due to the amount of substances such as preservatives, flavor enhancers, and high amounts of sugar and salt in many, common foods.  Since cleansing is a form of dieting, the same side effects may occur.

What the article's writer failed to understand is that fasting is not truly colon cleansing.  While it may be a form of a "cleanse," so is dieting for weight loss or coming off of coffee.  Fasting is an extreme form of cleansing, which in my opinion, must be a goal to work towards as opposed to jumping in without preparation for a fast. 

Fasting is hard on the system and not always recommended for those who are already low in weight or have health issues.  I believe that our bodies need to be strong enough to cleanse and heal from any disease.  This takes time along with a calculated diet that strengthens and nourishes the body so that it has the tools necessary to facilitate self-healing.

Who is Affected by the Dangers of Colon Cleansing?

The article about the dangers of colon cleansing goes on to say that children, teenagers, the very sick and the elderly should not do this. I agree - there are many levels of cleansing and those that fall into the above categories should not partake in extreme fasting.  There are better ways to help our organs become strong enough to work at optimal efficiency; especially those organs that are naturally supposed to help our bodies detoxify.

Lastly the article goes on to say that "laxatives" used in cleansing are dangerous. I agree that laxatives are dangerous.  But I also understand, as most health practitioners should, that a proper colon cleanse or body cleanse should not use laxatives.  These are not natural and can actually cause the body to become dependent on them without actually helping to clear built-up, internal waste and debris.

This type of misinformation about the dangers of colon cleansing is exactly why I do the work I love including publishing this website, writing books to educate as well as see clients.  My goal is to teach others the importance of using body and colon cleansing tools to help our bodies cleanse naturally and help our organs work the way are meant to.

There are many levels of cleansing, many supplements that can be used (some good, some bad), many foods and diets, and so on.  The more you learn, the easier it ensure your chosen program is effective and safe.

Remember that knowledge truly is the best health insurance!

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