Cleansing Update - Detox Myths

CNN actually had an article about Detox myths in today’s internet health section. So here I go again… I must clear some things up.

They claim that detox programs almost always include a juice fast. This is truly one of many detox myths. Although many programs do recommend a juice fast as a way of giving digestion a rest – it is not the entire detox. Cleansing the body takes longer than three or five days, especially since it took 20 or more years for toxins to build up in your system. That’s why most supplement cleansing programs offer a slower, healthy diet that should last around 30 days.

Now, I must pick on Dr. Picco from the Mayo Clinic (again) who added his two cents worth to this article. He claims we don’t need to take herbs or really do much to help the liver because a “normally functioning liver does quite well on its own.” Yes – it does until it gets diseased. My liver functioned great until I got Hepatitis C. But that’s the problem with the mind-set of Western Medicine – wait until you get disease then worry about it.

He goes on to say that instead we should just limit our exposure to toxins or skip them altogether. I guess he forgets about the air we breathe, the water we drink, pesticides on foods (hey, we don’t all have access to organic) and chemicals put in processed foods including “healthy” and “light” ones. Perhaps exposure to just some of these once in a while would be better – but I like to breathe every day. (And as far as breathing toxins - don’t kid yourself… your blood picks up oxygen molecules from your lungs to transport throughout your body. What else might it be picking up?)

This article also puts down lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic Drainage is not a detox myth, all massage does work to move toxins through and out of your body, including the lymphatic system. Again, their claim is the Western Medical view of wait until there’s a problem before you try massage.

And lastly, my favorite detox myth – colonics are bad. It does dispute the claim of some people saying that during a session you will the black tar, 10 pounds of waste and so on and is correct to do so. As I try to inform people all the time – a colonic alone will not do this. You must be on a program of a proper diet and cleansing supplements before you can eliminate old buildup of waste.

The article claims that colonics can lead to infection if the equipment is non-sterile. You could say that about needles or any equipment in an operating room. I would hope that those going for a colonic have the sense to walk out of an office if it is dirty and non-professional.

And – once again – according to the American Dietetic Association you only need a high fiber diet to become regular. No matter there are many people that became backed-up because of too much fiber. I will say it again – fiber does not always stimulate peristalsis and will exacerbate a problem in a sluggish system. In order for fiber to work, you need all around good nutrition and you must cut out the foods that are culprits – like junk food. But then again isn’t this the same American Dietetic Association that accepts contributions from Con-Agra, Monsanto and Coca-Cola while obesity and diabetes continue to soar in America?

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