Diabetes Healing Foods

Research has shown that diet plays a major role in controlling diabetes. In fact, research at the University of California in Los Angeles showed that a healthy diet reversed diabetes in 50 per cent of people. And finding diabetes healing foods can be easy if you stay away from labels.

Diabetes Healing Foods - Why They Work

Diabetes is a disease that often can be managed.  It begins when the body is unable to either produce or properly respond to the hormone, insulin.

This results in sugars, or glucose, not being utilized properly in the body.  But you can help yourself with diabetes healing foods.

Colon Cleansing and Diabetes?

In looking for a solution to diabetes, it may be greatly beneficial to do a colon cleanse or body cleanse first. People with diabetes often have a difficult time sticking to the right diet. Cravings get in the way and reading labels can be frustrating.

But, restricting your eating for a short time will help you choose the right healing foods for your long-term plan.

People commonly report more control over food cravings during and after a body or colon cleanse.

It is our job to eat well so the body can keep itself well and balanced. Our bodies are self-healing, if we allow it and give it the nutrition that it needs.

When you follow a cleansing diet, you will naturally eat diabetes healing foods. If you check out every diet made for diabetics, you will see they have the following in common:

  • No trans-fats
  • Small portions of lean meat
  • Whole grains only – no white bread, no white rice, etc.
  • No Saturated fats
  • no sugary desserts or drinks, especially sodas
  • Easy on the fruit juice, no more than 1/2 cup per day
  • Heavy on the fresh vegetables. Whole fruits are good at a limit of about 2 per day

Diabetes healing Foods are very much like the Digestive Health Regimen and almost any cleansing diet you find. These are all very healthy and balanced diets for anyone to follow.

There is no danger in eating healthy. But there is danger in eating processed food. If it has a label, it’s been processed. This is where all the excess and hidden sugars, sodiums, preservatives, additives, colorings, artificial flavorings and bad fats are found. When you eat fresh, whole foods, your chances of controlling any health issues are greatly increased.