Diet Sodas Make You Fat

As I’ve said numerous times, the reason I created this site was to point out the fact that we all need to cleanse. This includes those who want to lose weight. And now, as I keep saying, the diet and fitness industry is beginning to agree – finally!

The most recent is the findings in a University of Texas study that proved those who drank diet sodas had an increase in risk for obesity. Now let’s get this straight because there will be skeptics. This study did not prove that more overweight people drank diet sodas, for we know that is true, but that drinking diet sodas increases your chance to get or stay fat.

The chemicals used in diet sodas creates a hormonal response in your body that increases fat storing hormone production and increases cravings for more sweets and refined carbs. If you want to help your cleanse, weight loss or fat loss goals, drink water. Add lemon juice, lime juice or even a splash of some other fresh fruit juice to add flavor, if you need. Also drink green tea and herbal teas and try Stevia as a sweetener.

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