Digestive Cleanse

A digestive cleanse will ease and aid the digestive process. There is a two-fold job that needs to be accomplished. We must cleanse the system while it is still working. There are foods that can accomplish this, along with herbs to assist.

First of all we must consider the same supplements that are used during a colon cleanse. It would be beneficial to use a colon cleanse program while cleansing your digestive system, however, no supplements using senna or any other laxative. These are overly harsh on your body and will not cleanse but tax your system.

Fiber should be used to ensure that you will cleanse built-up waste that can inhibit digestion. You can use psyllium fiber or crushed flax seeds for your fiber during a digestive cleanse. In fact Tri-Cleanse by Planetary Formulas is a nice, well-rounded fiber supplement. This product includes the herb triphala, which will help you move the fiber along with the build-up that it softens.

Probiotics should be taken during a digestive cleanse to ensure your good bacteria is being replenished. If your digestion has been giving you a hard time, this will help you to feel better during your cleanse.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Organic apple cider vinegar is the only vinegar that will aid digestion. It is full of malic acid that balances stomach ph (acid/alkalinity) to ensure stong digestion. Try 2 teaspoons once or twice a day in warm water.

Yogurt can be a delicious way to add beneficial good bacteria to your digestive tract. This helpful bacteria is needed not only for digestion, but necessary for your immune system to work. Check the yogurt's label. Look for organic, low (better yet no) sugar and plenty of the probiotics (lactobacillus, acidophilus, bifidus, etc.)

Foods eaten during your digestive cleanse should be light enough to allow the digestion tract to rest by not overburdening it. This can cause your body to actually slow down the digestive process and even store undigested food, as what happens when too much meat is eaten. On the other hand, eating fruits in the morning and vegetables throughout the day will cleanse and stimulate your digestion therefore strengthening it. This is why eating small meals through the day is beneficial.

Following the guidelines in the Digestive Health Regimen will be helpful for your digestive cleanse. Or use the following guide along with your colon cleanse program or fiber supplement of choice.

1 pieces of whole fruit (excluding melon)1/2 cup of oatmeal

Fiber supplement(or supplement from your cleanse)

Before eating, have the apple cider vinegar in a few ounces of warm water. Then have:

Green Salad with 1 serving of protein (a serving is the size of your palm) – choose one: chicken, turkey, halibut, lean steak, cup of beans (adzuki, lentils or mung beans), tempeh or a handful of sprouts

1 piece of fruit

Before eating, have the apple cider vinegar in a few ounces of warm water. Then have:

2 Cups of steamed vegetables with 1 serving of protein (as above), choose from lunch list

1 serving yogurt

Before Bed
Fiber supplementIf you are taking probiotics, do this about 40 minutes after your fiber and right before you go to sleep.

Also Remember

  • No milk products for now
  • Protein serving the size of your palm
  • Add an Essential Fatty Acid once a day such as flax seed oil or wheat germ oil
  • Drink plenty of fresh water
  • Herbal teas are good
  • Avoid caffeine and all carbonated drinks
  • If you drink fruit juice, be sure it is diluted with water

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