Eat Cherries to Lose Belly Fat!

It’s cherry season and it just so happens my all-time favorite fruit is cherries… so I’m excited as I usually am this time of year. We have been living in more of a wintery area this last year. Here, it is still chilly, in spite of summer time and I have put on some weight around my mid-section (for extra warmth, perhaps?).

So, needless to say I was extremely pleased to find out that eating cherries can helps your body eliminate belly fat! I kind of knew this since when I eat them – I can eat up to two cups at a time. I notice that when I do this, not only is my appetite suppressed, but my body starts acting like it is in cleansing mode.

To take advantage of this benefit, eat your cherries fresh and washed on an empty stomach. Be careful because too many may give you a tummy ache as the cleansing effect sets in.

Use the short cherry season and try a mega-short cleanse by eating mainly cherries for a few days. Try to eat them alone and stay light in your other meals. Be sure to drink plenty of water and use these few days to help your body flush waste and lighten up for summer!

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