Endermologie and Cleansing

Endermologie is an FDA approved treatment for cellulite. Using a machine, this treatment gives your body a deep tissue massage using rollers to stimulate circulation and remove toxins.

Cleansing your body using a colon cleanse program or bodywork has the same goal – to rid the body of toxins or waste. If you have excess weight or cellulite, you have excess waste.

Endermologie or Cellulite massage is a natural addition to your colon and body cleansing regimen.

Cellulite is the clumping together of fat cells which block circulation, promoting the storage of toxins in these areas. This storage causes more circulation problems and larger fat cells as they accumulate more toxins. It is a vicious cycle caused by poor diet, hormone imbalances, weight gain and heredity.

Endermologie manipulates the underlying tissues to break up these accumulations. The deep massage action brings fresh blood to the areas, which in turn bring more oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas.

This massage also aids the cleansing process by increasing blood and lymph flow. This in turn drains your body of excess water, fats and toxins. This is also the goal during a colon or total body cleanse. However, this type of treatment will be more localized so you can manipulate your cleanse to focus on your problem areas.

My Endermologie Experience

I worked close with a nurse who did Endermologie for clients. I saw many exciting results so I decided to try it for myself, but without too many expectations, since I had this condition from the time I was a teenager.

My biggest surprise was that my arms became toned. This had always been a problem area, even with daily workouts.

The cellulite on my thighs had diminished, which was incredible since I have had it since I was 16 years old and not even overweight at that time. And a side-effect that I did not know was possible.... My legs went from pasty white to a nice, light golden color.

During my Endermologie treatments, I never really paid attention to results. I figured I would hold out until the end so I could see the difference, if any. When I looked at the before and after pics, I was sure the technician had "doctored" the photos, yet she reminded me - and I saw myself - these were Poloroids, which developed right away.

I realized that as I was having these deep massage treatments, the blood was being forced to come into my legs and circulate as the fat cells were forcing out toxins. The nice color was the result of healthy circulation.

I do know from my own training that when an area of the body is massaged or manipulated regularly, the body responds by creating more capillaries in the area to compensate for the extra blood flow. More blood to an area means more nutrients are being brought in as more toxins are able to leave. The extra nutrition helps the skin layers heal themselves over time. Toxins leaving means the fat cells are able to shrink back to a healthier size.

Regular treatments of this type of massage create a wonderful cycle of nutrients in, toxins out, and health. It makes sense why the color in my legs had come back from the unhealthy pasty white that I had lived with for so many years.

Endermologie can be expensive, but the Wellbox the closest I have found to a similar massage at home.  It is not as powerful as a professional option, but is an option for those of us on a budget.

Personally, I have found that going to treatments outside the house, as nice as it can be, are very expensive and time consuming. My personal choice now is an at-home cellulite massage unit. It is not as powerful, yet is still effective, especially when combined with cleansing, healthy eating, exercise, and consistency.

Diet and exercise alone has never worked for my thighs besides some toning. I never got the smoothness and the color I did with Endermologie. I am a believer that we have to be persistent with our health, so going for regular treatments is not in my schedule or budget. The one time fee makes works better for me while at the same time the convenience of having the treatments when it is convenient for me and my family.

(If you decide to purchase one for home use, be sure there is a warranty. Also, keep in mind that no unit will work without other lifestyle factors to help such as a fairly healthy diet and at least some exercise.) 

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